frameless shower screens sydney

A shower screen is a wall of clear glass that separates the bathroom from your tub. They are present in homes due to their added breathability, cost-effectiveness, and decorative features. Yet, these same factors can lead to problems.

If you have an exposed or broken shower screen or find that the water seeping into your room has created mold problems in your home then you must replace it with a frameless shower screens Sydney.

Here, we will guide you through buying some frameless shower screens. You can use these mentioned tips to buy the best frameless glass shower screens Sydney.

  1. Measure the dimensions:

First of all, measure the dimensions of your shower screen. You have to have the width and length of your shower room. 

By measuring, you can choose the right product size to suit your needs. Also, measure the area before and after getting a frameless shower screens Sydney. Because even a little difference can affect water infiltration and mould growth.

  1. Buy a thicker glass:

Making of frameless glass shower screens Sydney involves different types of tempered glass materials and thicknesses.

These are such as 6mm, 10mm, or 20mm to handle different weather conditions in your bathroom area. You can get the best thickness of the glass that will withstand the harsh environment in your bathroom.

  1. Buy a frameless shower screen with a thicker backplate:
  • The backplate of your frameless shower screens Sydney is its most important part
  • It plays an essential role in water infiltration and mould growth in your bathroom
  • You have to choose a shower screen that comes with a thicker backplate
  • This will drop moisture penetration into the wall and control mould growth
  1. Buy a frameless shower screen with a design:

The frameless glass shower screens Sydney are popular. It is because of elegant designs making bathrooms look attractive. You have to choose one that will match your bathroom design and bring more beauty to the room. 

Choose a shower screen with a contemporary light fixture or glass bowl. This will bring more natural beauty and warmth to the bathroom design.

  1. Buy a frameless shower screen with extra features:

Frameless glass shower screens are available in different sizes, shapes, and materials. So you should choose one according to your need and budget. The frameless shower screens Sydney in our industry come in different styles. 

These are such as curved windows, floating waterfall, built-in corner tiling, glass jars, etc. You have to buy a frameless glass shower screens Sydney with many features. These are like curved, self-colored, or anti-fingerprint.

  1. Buy a frameless shower screen with coated glass:

Frameless glass shower screens come with different materials, including alder wood, plastic, acrylic, etc. You can get a frameless glass shower screens Sydney with a coating. It will be resistant to corrosion and fungus due to water infiltration and mould growth.

There are few advantages to buying a coated frameless shower screens Sydney. But it is still beneficial because it will be able to improve the durability of your bathroom.