bathroom renovations coogee

It is a very unpredictable project to renovate, but you will be so pleased in the end that you did it. Here is a list of the top 5 things to remember when planning to bathroom renovations in Coogee

Who will be doing the work?

You would have the challenge of recruiting an accomplished specialist if you employ a contractor, and their quality of work is top-notch. If you do it yourself, you save money and, unless things go wrong, you do not need to employ a contractor. It might cost you thousands of dollars if you are not sure what you are doing, and you end up hiring a specialist anyway. Make sure that if you decide against searching for a bathroom renovator, you can do the work.

How Much Is Your Budget? 

Everyone knows that bathroom renovations are affordable. For all the materials and tools you will be using, you will pay a lot of money. If you look at the project and write down what you will need to complete the project, you can cut the costs and buy wisely. Give yourself a budget for each thing to spend on. Spend the afternoon driving to local hardware stores and pricing all on your list, or let your fingers walk on the internet better yet.

Write down the size you will need, the colour, and how much you will need when pricing it. You will be able to go back home after your list is completed and make a new list of what you need and where you will get it. This will ensure you are moving close to your budget.

Do You Want To Upgrade Or Completely Renovate? 

A bathroom needs a total makeover for some, while others like their bathroom design, but they want a few small adjustments to the fixtures and maybe add a different colour here or there. Before you begin, you need to know how much of a renovation you want to achieve.

Ensure The Family Agrees With The Renovation.

You are probably doing the floors, bathtub, shower, and tiling, so everyone must contribute to how it should look when it is finished. Have everybody share their thoughts one-by-one so that you have the opportunity to listen and determine whether the changes will assist or destroy the completed mission.


The lighting is another aspect that is important in the bathroom. Lighting should always be customizable in a bathroom. Bright lighting is not still needed, but it is useful when applying makeup, waxing, or shaving. For a relaxing bath or waking up in the morning, dim lighting is suitable for adding ambience. In most rooms across your house, lighting is a very significant feature. It is not anything to be ignored and, especially in bathroom renovations, should always be integrated into the budget.

Overall you do not need to overdo your bathroom renovations in Coogee, but consider adding some to your home renovations as they also offer comfort. A luxurious master bathroom is one thing that sells a home, so it is essential not to miss the mark.