stone floor cleaner products

For your home to appear more appealing, cleaning of floors should be done to the maximum. Floors are made using different materials, and thus, they require a different technique for cleaning. As for stone floors, cleaning is not challenging since they are made of natural elements. You must find the best stone floor cleaning products that will make your floors clean and shiny.

Caring for floor made of stone requires care and attention. Today, there are a large number of stone floor cleaner products for cleaning and maintaining the natural beauty of the natural stone. Granite and marble cladding are efficient, but proper care is still necessary to maintain the perfect appearance of the stone for many years.

Stone floor cleaner products are divided into the following groups:

  • Stain removers
  • Detergents for basic care
  • Polishing agents
  • Cleaners for efflorescence and limescale, rust
  • For a granite or marble surface to always shine and delight with a flawless look, you need effort and a little knowledge of what tool to use.

Choose the best cleaner:

The best way to remove impurities is to clean with a powder composition having a small abrasiveness. It will not scratch the surface, but will more actively affect the same rust. If there is no ready-made composition at hand, use ordinary soda. Among the “improvised” means against stains, is a simple mixture of ground chalk and hydrogen peroxide.

Stir the ingredients to form a “thick sour cream” and use this paste to remove stains.

Apply evenly about one centimetre and cover with a film on top to prevent quick drying.

When you notice that the chalk has become a dry crust, peel it off and wipe the surface. Usually, this is enough, but if the stains do remains, repeat the procedure.

For cleaning natural stone, a solution with natural stone care products like Wet Cleaning, Gloss Care is suitable. Detergents dissolve and remove accumulated dirt, forming a protective layer on the surface, which subsequently facilitates the further process of caring for natural stone.

In an open environment, natural stone products become more susceptible to environmental influences (precipitation, toxic emissions, etc.). The courtyard pool or terraces if made of stone require special care. Rinsing with warm water and specialised detergents is required. You can use soft bleach to remove moss, mould and old dirt.

There are many stone floor cleaner products. They are handy for cleaning your floors. They are acid cleaners and degreasing detergents.

Acid cleaners are used to remove hard impurities that can’t be washed. Degreasing detergents are used for deep cleaning and removing old layers of wax.

These stone floor cleaner products perform essential functions (cleaning wax, removing rust, cement stains, delicate processing and protecting valuable types of coatings) and work with certain types of materials (marble, granite, porcelain stoneware, artificial stone, etc.). Therefore, before buying any cleaner product, ensure that you consult specialists for advice.

Flooring your premise using natural stone is the best thing. This is because stone comes in different shapes and colours. But just like any other, they require regular cleaning. By use of stone floor cleaner products, you are guaranteed the best outcomes!