The forklifts come in different sizes and styles, and each of them is built for performing specific functions. Some of the forklifts are well suited for tight spaces, and the others are good for rough terrain. Some of the forklifts are built for lifting heavy loads, while the others are amazing for moving small items. Here in this article, you will know about the different types of forklifts, forklift hire cost and their benefits. So, without wasting further time, let’s dive straight into these points.

Warehouse forklifts

The warehouse forklifts are the ones most commonly used in the stores and warehouses. This forklift has the standard of very straightforward operations. You will be amazed to know that the warehouse forklifts consist of dual forks in the front of its truck. These are counterbalanced by the weight in the back. You need to know that the forklift hire cost is really affordable if you choose the right platform for it. The warehouse forklifts are excellent for loading and unloading the pallets along with transporting items. They are versatile and widely used. 

Reach forklifts

The second one on the list is the reach forklift. They are built with extended reach heights, which allow the operator to pull the pallets from the top of the higher stacks. Instead of using the counterweight for preventing the topping, the reach forklifts are well known for their stabilizing legs in the front, which they make use of for support purposes. There are mainly three types of reach forklifts, and before buying any of them, you should know about the forklift hire cost. The first one is stand up, which is the most common type of reach forklift. The second one is double deep trucks which have the ling forks and can be used for reaching the edges of the bay. The saddle rucks reaching the forklift have the ability to grip the edges of the load for having the increased stability.

Side loader forklifts

The fork of the side loader forklifts is mounted on the side of the truck, which allows the operator to pick up the wide or the long loads. These are also used for lifting the loads in the case of a narrow working environment. The side loader forklifts are great for sideways operation. They can also be used for driving up alongside racks and to load or unload the items. If you are looking forward to getting the side loader forklifts, then choosing the right forklift hire Sydney. They are most used by the manufacturers who produce bulky items like steel service centres. 

The ending thoughts!

These are some of the best types of forklifts available. You can purchase any of them as per your needs and requirements from the forklift hire Sydney. There are so many benefits of using forklifts, and by using them in your work, you can do the work in the most effective and efficient way.