fabric sofa

Get that couch!!!                       

If you ever find yourself guilty of being called a couch potato, at least get yourself a lovely, comfortable and colourful couch, that is worth the money spent and also adds value to your living room. That brings us to this entire discussion about sofas.

Not every day would be a busy day and not every day you would lie horizontally all tucked up in bed.

You have a lot of legitimate activities to be done like watching TV, sitting with your family, inviting guests over to have that spicy caramel popcorn or that classic homemade cheese ball while discussing life in general or watching your favourite movie or television soap, nicely sipping your coffee or alcoholic ginger beer. The best bet for all the above activities would be a fabric sofa.

The average size of an apartment in Sydney is 474 square meters and that gives rise to the necessity of a fabric sofa in your living room. 

Benefits of a Fabric Sofa

  • As compared to a leather sofa, a fabric sofa scores more points in terms of comfort, care, colour and pattern options. Also, the cost is much lesser making it more affordable than leather sofas.
  • Aesthetically most interior designers choose a fabric sofa to adorn your living room, that matches with the colour of your accent wall and upholstery.
  • When it comes to health perspective, a fabric sofa that has a comfortable feel to it and reclines helps you with the much-needed de-stressing, which otherwise leads to a variety of un-called for stress-related health conditions
  • Most of the fabric sofas come with rolling armrests and the seat is made ergonomically to ensure the comfortable sitting experience
  • The lumbar support provided by a small fabric sofa relieves you of back pain 
  • A fabric sofa also helps you to manage space in a small apartment apart from looking aesthetically beautiful.

What goes inside and outside those pretty couches?

The core of a fabric sofa is made up of medium to high density foam and polyester wadding. In order to endure weights and for better spring effect there is suspension provided with the help of S-spring and webbing. The frame is mostly wood or metal. 

The fabric is the most important part of the sofa. The best kind of fabric that is available in Sydney is made up of natural fibres like cotton, linen, canvas, and for a warmer feel, one can invest in woollen and silk fabrics. If one wants to be specific about natural fibres one should definitely look for “certified organic”. 

Synthetic material as fabric for sofas is petroleum products made by extruding the chemical into fine strands or threads. Examples of synthetic fabric for fabric sofas are acrylic, olefin, nylon or polyester.

Also, it is required to choose a stain-resistant fabric, one that is comfortable and decorative and that wrinkles as little as possible:

Things to keep in mind before investing in a fabric sofa:

Space constraints

Buy a sofa that occupies the optimum space in a room, so that your movement is not stuck

Given the fact that in Sydney the average area of an apartment is 447 square meters which a lot of people find as small.

Type of Sofa

It is best to invest in a flexible fabric sofa, the ones that can be pushed to one corner or can be integrated to form a 3-sided structure or a long one.

The ones that are going to use it

It is required to buy a sofa as per its usage, for e.g. synthetic fabric sofas should be chosen if there are pets at home that shed a lot of furs, stain-resistant fabric sofa if there are children around who might spill eatables or drinks

So, go ahead, buy those bright solid coloured fabric sofas, keeping the above points in mind, throw in some coloured cushions, invest in a floor side lamp and transform your living room into a cozy space.