Furniture is a significant part of any place, whether it’s a home or office. People spend a good amount of money buying quality furniture for their place. The bedroom, living area, kitchen, or any other area of your home needs furniture. Many people commit the mistake of buying expensive furniture from furniture stores punchbowl and not maintaining it properly in the long run. This error not only leads to damage to furniture but also causes your furniture to look bad. If you’re wondering how to maintain furniture properly, continue reading. 

Read the instructions: Different furniture objects are made of different materials. So, you need to understand how these materials respond to external objects. Try reading the maintenance manual which contains important instructions on how to maintain it properly. If the product doesn’t come with such instructions, ask the vendor to provide more information. 

Clean it regularly:

Well, isn’t it obvious that furniture needs to be cleaned often? With time, dust settles down on your furniture which you need to clean off. Try to use a dry and soft cotton cloth to wipe off the dust. Make it a habit to clean furniture on a fortnightly basis.

Minimize sunlight exposure:

Sunlight is one of the damaging agents of furniture. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t allow any sunlight onto your furniture. Prolonged periods of sunlight exposure are harmful to furniture items. It causes dark and bright spots on the furniture, which is why you should allow a minimal amount of sunlight exposure. 

Place sharp objects away:

Don’t you hate scratches on your furniture? Well, everyone does. That’s exactly why you have to avoid keeping sharp objects on your furniture. Now, you can’t avoid sharp objects on your dining table, but take care of other furniture items. If you can’t, simply purchase scratch-resistant furniture products from furniture stores punchbowl.

Be aware of temperature:

Here’ it’s not about the room temperature. You must avoid placing extremely hot or cold items on your furniture. As such items may cause damage to the furniture. Usually, extreme hot or cold objects leave a mark on the furniture, changing its original texture of it.

Wax and Oil frequently:

Waxing and oiling wooden furniture is recommended since it offers shiny varnish to it. Moreover, it also adds a protective coating to the surface. Make sure that your oil and wax furniture items are maintained every 3 months. Don’t forget to use gloves while doing it.

Clean with warm water:

For furniture cleaning purposes, always use warm water along with mild doses of dish soap. Avoid soaking it for longer periods of time. After cleaning the furniture, use a cloth to wipe off the moisture. You can buy the cleaning equipment from local furniture stores punchbowl.

Use covers:

People keep several objects on their furniture. You may place a coffee mug or a dish on a wooden table. These objects tend to leave marks on the furniture. To avoid that, try using covers. Not only do these covers protect your furniture, but they also add a beautiful look to it.