timber floor

The floor features can as well change the general appearance of your whole house. Therefore this may create a hard task while selecting wood material to use. Although this guide may not determine the type of timber flooring you may prefer for your house, it will, however, give you some highlights on making the right decision while looking for timber flooring in Sydney.

Selecting the right colour

The age of any wood has a significant effect on the colour you choose. When you compare most species, it is ideal that a young timber is a light. For instance, sapwood is one of the newly grown out wood with a bright colour, unlike the deeper. Contrary to this, the heartwood is hard, and it is possible to determine the difference between the two.

However, there are different variations. The single species also have variances in colour. This means the type of wood you choose may be quite different from the colour you may see in the stores, in a picture brochure.

Treatment Methods

This will help you in understanding how to maintain and treat the hardwood. For instance, some states may need preservative treatment of all the spotted gums. Although treatment is essential to the process that keeps the timber free from termites and long term deterioration, it may change the woods’ stone. For instance, sapwood, its procedures bring a brown or grey tinge that you may not have initially planned for.


For a floor to wear down, it does not mean it should be mistreated; even a casual footstep is likely to cause damage to the floor with other particles from outside. Thinking ahead and going for a timber resistant floor will save you more time, money as well as the effort of future renovation.

The most significant thing is that the harder the tree, the more difficult the species resistance to damage, resistance, and abrasion. This means the more difficult, the more it will offer itself protection more efficiently with high resistance to day to day wear and tear as well as other scratches.

Softer timbers, on the contrary, are likely to indent under the conditions. However, the rule may vary from one species to another. Hence it would be best if you did thorough research.

Unlike the beliefs, floor finishing is not a solution to timber flooring hardness. But it provides a stronger layer that protects it from avoidable scratches. It is essential to consider the aesthetic results of finishing and refinishing over several years.

Finally, an excellent timber floor should be more than wood, this way you will be able to find an exact match of all you need within the shortest time of searching. However, it is still essential to consider the above-discussed basics to make your search easy. Floor damages may occur unexpectedly with time. Every footstep is a way of getting a floor destroyed. Therefore to avoid more wear and tear, consider cleaning the floor regularly; failing to do so will lead to more damage since the small particles will be hiding under the floor.