There are a few common and uncommon factors that will determine the cost of garage door repairs in Sydney which usually varies from one state to another. Ideally, it should be within $150 and $320 but there can be exceptions due to several other influencing factors.

Firstly, the cost of repairs will vary according to the jobs needed to be done. Typically, it will start with an overall manual inspection of the garage door and the opener.

It will also involve making a few adjustments to the spring and belt tension, checking the limits, lubricating the various parts of the garage door, and force adjustments.

Other factors of influence

Here is a list of factors that will determine the cost of roller door repairs in Sydney.

  • Style: The style of the garage door will vary the cost of repairs. Some garage door repairs cost may be more than the others due to the age as well. Usually, older garage doors are based on a tilt-up design that is more difficult to repair making it more expensive. It is also because the spare parts for older doors are harder to get. Similarly, custom doors made from wood are the most expensive and difficult to repair. Easiest and cheaper one is the roll-up doors.
  • Materials: The cost will also vary according to the materials used to make the garage door. Steel doors will cost you lesser than wooden doors. On the other hand, any thicker and insulated garage door will be also expensive to repair.
  • Openers: The garage door openers also play a significant role in determining the cost of repairs. Most doors now come with an opener that is generally inexpensive and easy to repair or replace. If it is the door opener that needs repair or replacement, the cost will not be high.
  • Finish: If your garage door needs painting and polishing after repairs then the cost will be high adding to the repair cost. However, in order to match the door with your home exteriors, such finishing is often required.

The cost of repairs will also depend on the issues with the door. Simple weather stripping replacement will not cost you as much as a complete repair of the automatic mechanism of the motor. Therefore, it is important to know about these factors as well.

The garage door not opening or closing is one of the most common issues that need to be repaired immediately. There may be several reasons for it right from a faulty remote to a faulty motor and the cost will vary accordingly. It will also depend on whether the sensors have gotten obstructed, the wheel track is obstructed and even the entire garage door opener has malfunctioned.

Sometimes the movement of the garage door may not be even due to the spring issues which is a common problem with the roll-up doors. There can be an issue with the track as well.

Lastly, if the garage door makes a lot of noise while opening or closing a simple coating of lubricant or cleaning the track may resolve it at a low cost.