CEC-approved retailer Central Coast

It is a good idea to research before choosing a solar or storage store or installer. Choosing a CEC-approved retailer in Central Coast who has signed the Solar Retailer Code of Conduct and only works with Clean Energy Council-accredited designers is essential. Before making a decision, we also suggest getting multiple quotes to compare and reading online reviews of products.

CEC-approved retailers have agreed to follow the Code of Conduct for the program. If an Approved Solar Retailer does not follow what the Code says, the Clean Energy Council could take action against them.

Accreditation from the Clean Energy Council is a requirement for anyone who wants to work in the business of installing solar and storage. Accreditation from the Clean Energy Council shows that a person has undergone the training to design and install solar, battery, and other renewable energy systems.

CEC-approved retailers try to follow industry best practices, make safe, reliable systems, and meet customer needs.

Qualities to Look Out For In CEC-Approved Retailers 


Documentation for a quote that is thorough and professional

Your selection should be specific and include a proposed system design, expected output, terms of the warranty, and a list of all the parts or products.

Warranty Terms

Make sure you know what the warranty terms mean. Each product will come with a warranty from the company that made it. CEC-approved retailers will also offer an extra warranty covering the “whole of the system, including the work and installation and how well the system works and works.

Peace of Mind

You should never feel like you have to buy something. You are the only one who can decide whether or not to buy something, so it is essential to ensure you are comfortable with the information you have been given. Did we answer all of your questions? Do you know how to install, connect to the grid, and read the meters? Have you been told about any support you can get after the sale?

Installation attendance

CEC-approved retailers in Central Coast of a small-scale renewable energy system must either install it themselves or visit the site at least three times at the installation’s beginning, middle, and end.

Installer accreditation ID card

When your installer comes to your home, check their digital accreditation ID card before they start working. Accreditation from the Clean Energy Council shows that an electrician has been trained to design and install the solar, battery, and other renewable energy systems. The ID card should be delivered on a phone or tablet because it is digital. It will show the following information:

A picture of the installer’s accreditation number, its expiration date, and the kinds of accreditation they have. The last open date should be today or within the previous 24 hours. At least one of the installers on the property should have an ID card from the Clean Energy Council’s Accredited Installer program. If your installer needs to give you their ID number, talk to your solar retailer about what you can do.