Bathrooms have taken up important space in the decor and presentation in modern-day interior designing. It is no more a space that remains basic but has its series of tools and products that reshape it into a space that is more than just its use. Bathrooms are the most personal space and resonate with your suitable style. 

Bathroom towel holders are one such accessory that is a must-have. A large variety of spacing, color, type, design, size and additional functional features are available. Different towel holders complement your bathroom space differently. They are a must-have in any bathroom space and depending upon the utility, you could pick between classic chrome bars, heated towel bars, twisted iron bars, etc. They are an essential basic necessity of a functional bathroom.

Here are some of the options of toilet towel holders that you can choose from: 

Over the door towel holders:

The purpose of this product is to allow you space behind your door to hang towels and bathrobes. This is a basic bathroom towel holder but is also available in great varieties and styles. It is an excellent idea for minimal space bathrooms as they expand space. The ones made of stainless steel are durable and strong and are apt to hold wet clothes and towels. This kind of towel holders also keeps the bathroom space uncluttered by putting away your towels out of view.  

Towel racks with built-in shelves:

This kind of toilet towel holders are perfect to increase the utility of a single item by providing room to hang wet towels as well as enough shelf space to store other accessories such as dry towels, cosmetics, dryers, and other toiletries. It is a great idea to create more storage space in your bathroom. This multifunctional product is functional as well as stylish.

Freestanding towel racks:

If you are the kind of person who likes to keep changing the look of things or you keep moving, or you simply do not want to hang your towels inside the cabinet, or on walls, portable free standing towel racks are it for you. It is a convenient option and also adds to the flair of your bathroom. A high-tech bathroom towel holder option for you to add to your bathroom would be the heated towel bars. These heat up the towels using electric power and keep your towels warm and snug. 

Towel racks that revolve:

These swivel towel holders are connected to the wall and have multiple hands that are movable. This gives the option for you to use your towel holder in any which way that is favourable to you. You can utilize the multiple arms in multiple ways depending upon your need. 

Under-sink towel hangers:

This kind of towel racks keep the towels away from view and keep them in the safety of the cupboard. This is a great idea to keep things from getting messy or too crowded.