Hinged Shower Screen

A beautiful bathroom does not only mean beautiful walls, costly and designer floorings, and modern lighting but also includes the bathroom accessories. Modern bathrooms, residential and commercial, have all types of modern bathroom vanities and attachments that make the place a mesmerising one. One of the common inclusions being witnessed in the modern bathroom is the designer shower screen. People are getting them installed to add glory to space. Most popular amongst the different shower screens is the hinged shower screen with a seamless finish.

Where can you purchase it?

Well, there are various places where you can purchase the hinged shower screen with frameless glass for your bathroom. You can either visit the local reputed dealer who deals with all such accessories or you can visit the site of the concerned maker or authorised seller to place an order for the same online. If you are preferring to purchase online, you need to carry out a detailed comparison and analysis of different products and which one would fit in the space perfectly. 

However, there are numerous considerations that a person, as a buyer, needs to include during the online purchase of the shower screen. These are as follows—

  • The Type of Shower Screen to Order:

There are mainly two different kinds of shower screens available in the market- frameless and with frame. Undoubtedly, the frameless hinged shower screen has always remained the apple of the eyes for many but there is a factor associated with it that pushes a person into a catch-22 situation and makes him think. It is cost.

As compared to the framed shower screen, frameless are costly. So, include this aspect as well while making a purchase.

  • The Type of Glass Used in the Shower Screen:

Well, most of the sellers or manufacturers claim that they offer safety glass with the shower screen, but it is required to get it verified at least on the online platform. As an aware consumer, you need to ask for a quote from the seller telling him to put into detailed information about the model of the shower screen along with the price. This would help get an idea of the quality of the product. If you are purchasing online, it is recommended to go thoroughly through the reviews and product description. This would help get an idea of the products that the seller or the manufacturing is selling.

In addition to this, one also needs to look out for the thickness of the glass provided with the hinged shower screen. However, this factor is dependent on the size of the door, and if the hinged shower screen has a frame or not.

  • The Size of the Screen:

In order to make your bathroom interesting and beautiful, it is always good to have an idea of the size of the screen you need to buy. Anything that is too big or small, is never going to work. Getting an idea of it from the professionals would be of great help. At times, the size of the hinged shower screen depends a lot on how powerful your shower is.


The above-mentioned are some of the essential considerations that a person should make while purchasing a shower screen online. A detailed idea about the products will be a cherry on the top of the cake.