Today, there are a lot of varieties of floor coatings, but epoxy floors are used in industrial buildings to ensure durability, long life, and aesthetic appeal to foundations. The application of such a protective layer allows you to get rid of joints and seams, strengthen the structure of concrete, make it functional, reliable, and durable. When it comes to cleaning and sealing, ensure you use the appropriate material.

Want your floor to be strong, durable, clean, and look great? Then an epoxy floor cleaner can be the perfect solution. Perhaps you have never heard of epoxy floors, so here, we have gathered all the information you need to know about them. An epoxy floor is a floor consisting of several layers of epoxy resin that are applied with a thickness of 1-2 mm. Epoxy resin is a polymer that consists of two components: resin and hardener. When they are mixed, a chemical reaction occurs, resulting in the formation of a solid, durable material. Epoxy floors are very strong and durable that they are used even in the most challenging industrial conditions. Besides, an epoxy floor cleaner will do wonders on your epoxy floor whenever it is dirty.

What are the benefits of epoxy flooring?

  • Wear resistance and durability. Epoxy floor coverings form a high-strength surface resistant to mechanical and temperature damage, cracks, shock, vibration, movement of people and equipment. The service life of epoxy floors is up to 30-40 years.
  • Quick and easy installation. The casting of epoxy floors coating does not require marking, additional adhesives, specialized tools, or equipment.
  • Easy to care. It is no more difficult to care than for a wooden floor covered with varnish.
  • Temperature resistant. Epoxy floors can even be poured in baths and saunas.
  • Water resistance and surface waterproofing, oil resistance.
  • Easy cleaning. As a result of polymerization, the epoxy resin forms a durable seamless coating in which dust, dirt, debris, or mold does not accumulate. Thanks to its easy cleaning, epoxy floors are ideal for food and pharmaceutical companies.
  • Chemical resistance. Epoxy floors allow the use of aggressive cleaning products, including alkalis, acids, solvents, disinfectants. That is why epoxy floors are perfectly suitable for enterprises where sanitary and hygienic requirements are incredibly high, such as hospitals, pharmaceutical, or food enterprises.
  • Dust-free.
  • Cured epoxy resin is non-toxic and completely safe for human health.
  • Attractive appearance. The resin forms a smooth glossy coating that not only looks spectacular but can visually expand the space by reflecting light. With the help of dyes and various fillers, you can create a variety of decorative effects.
  • Anti-slip effect. Epoxy floors cleaners will prevent slipping and falling due to their inherent anti-slip texture. What may seem an uncritical characteristic leads to great social benefits?

Slip and fall accidents are the main cause of work-related injuries. Injury reduction is an essential issue in any industrial sector. Epoxy floors cleaners will play a role in this matter since it will reduce the cost of compensation and litigation resulting from work-related injuries.