Blocked drain Cronulla

Most people forget to clean places that cannot be seen when they clean their homes. The drainage system is one place that does not get much attention. Most of the time, you don’t know you need to clean your drains until the danger of hiding from a blocked drain ends up hurting something. 

A blocked drain can have several harmful effects on how your house is built. Debris, small objects, food, and grease slowly build up in the drainpipes and make it easy for them to get clogged. The things that build up in the drain can make the water dirty and stop it from flowing. With a blocked drain in Cronulla, you can ensure that the pipes aren’t clogged.

Deterioration in Health

Blocked drains can harm your health. It makes bacteria grow, which makes people sick and gives them allergies. This happens when trash and other waste build up in the pipes. When there is a clog in a pipe, the water and debris that had been drained back up. When waste and sewage flow back into the sinks, it brings bacteria with them, which can spread diseases and viruses to the people who live there. The microbes in the bacteria affect people with asthma and allergies to the air. 

Unpleasant Smell

If the drains are clogged, water and trash build up in the pipes. This buildup of water has stopped moving, and sewage smells terrible. The smell spreads through the whole house. It can also make people in your home sick and give them headaches. In addition, because they stop the flow of water, clogs dry out the pipes. The moisture and water flow do not soak up the waste smell. This makes that are not very pleasant. Call a drain cleaning service to clean your pipes and eliminate the clogs to keep your health from being at risk.

Structural Damage to the Home

Most of the time, when water backs up into the drains, it soaks into the foundations and causes damage to the house. When water gets into the foundation, it weakens the house and makes it less stable. In the worst cases, water can get into the whole house and damage the floors and walls. When you hire a drain cleaning service, they clear out any blockages that could cause damage to the house’s foundation.

Slow Drainage

The most apparent effect of a blocked drain is a drainage system that    does not work well. When a drain is clogged, water and waste take longer to go down the drain. To eliminate this problem, you should hire a drain cleaning service to clean your drains. With a bad drainage system, water can also bubble up and flow back up to the drain.


When the water in the pipes is stopped, it has to go somewhere. When too much water is in the pipes, the pressure builds up, which makes the pipes burst and leak. Water stains on your walls and floors show that this leak happens when the water gets to the surface. Too much water leaking out can also cause flooding. The leaked water is a good place for bacteria, mould, and mildew to grow. Get a blocked drain cleaning service in Cronulla to keep your pipes from clogging.