A lot of homeowners are confused about what should be done when it comes to making external stairs in Sydney. They may not know which type of steps they need or how many steps they will need for their particular home’s height and width. And if you are planning on making external stairs for your home,   you take precautionary measures to ensure safety. This post will provide a few tips and tricks for building an exterior staircase at your home.

Overall Architecture

When designing external stairs and stairways, it is essential to consider the overall architecture of the structure.  All steps must have the same size. This is particularly important since people only look at the first and final few steps, they believe that all steps will be similar, and any anomalies may result in any unforeseen circumstances.

Flooring Material

Our professionals at Stairways 4 Heaven always advise that flooring surfaces should have sufficient surface roughness installed to avoid sliding when it is raining or freezing. Grit should also be used on icy or slippery surfaces such as stairs and stairways. Surface roughness is an important factor in preventing slips and falls on external stairs and stairways, and there is a broad variety of flooring materials available. 

Our Stairways 4 Heaven team would provide you with the perfect safety option, with durable and rough-textured surfaces to provide long-lasting performance. Not only will they make your stairs and stairways be equipped with a slip-resistant floor surface, but the entrances to the ramp of the stairways will be as well.

Proper Lighting

Step lights should be placed on stairwells in low-light situations to prevent individuals from misjudging where the stair edge is located. It is also necessary to have well-planned lighting entranceways or ramps to the stairs. When approaching stairs, people must be able to see where they are going to prevent possible mishaps. It is necessary to be able to see the edge of each step to identify where the foot will be put on each step. It is possible to emphasise this by using a very apparent colour contrast on the edge of the stepping surface.

Regular Maintenance & Servicing

A regular maintenance schedule is required for external stairs and stairways to ensure that they are safe and functional. To prevent any unfortunate situation, these spaces must be maintained clean, neat, and clear of the trash. There should be no signs of worn or loose nosing, since worn stairs may result in trips and falls.

If you’ve been considering an external stair for your home, there are a few things to keep in mind before making the decision. On the other hand, they can add incredible value to your property and allow access from multiple sides of the house without taking up valuable floor space inside. However, if not built safely or with attention to detail, these stairs could be dangerous and lead to injury lawsuits down the road. Hiring a professional is always recommended when it comes time to build an outdoor entranceway so that any potential problems can be caught early on by someone who knows what they’re doing. Contact Stairways 4 Heaven for any professional assistance for building external stairs at your house in Sydney, we are available at 0401579700.