Kids bring laughter and childhood to the home. Their innocence and curiosity can bring wonderment to the adults. It is no surprise that kids teach us to smile effortlessly. Such beans of joy require a pleasant place to claim as theirs. 

Decorating a baby’s room is not an easy task. The colours and shades with furniture and decorations need to go together and provide a sense of warmth. Considering your baby and their recent likings, you can make these choices. 

The market offers a variety of materials, and decorators will provide you with plenty of ideas. However, not everything is required while decorating a nursery. You have to consider the fact that kids grow fast and their choices change even faster. They will soon outgrow the nursery. Thus, decorations need to be beautiful and affordable since you will need to upgrade them sooner or later. 

Wall decals or removable wall decals are an effective option to decorate your child’s nursery. Most companies offer unique nursery wall decals in various designs; such decals come in animal, birds, trees and cartoons shapes. Everything’s provided under nursery wall decals from princesses to desserts, from fairies to unicorn wall decals. These decals can create a haven for your newborn. 

When is the right time to decorate the nursery?

A few weeks before your child’s arrival is the best time to prepare a nursery. Your schedule gets entangled with the tiny angels. You won’t be able to plan much with your bean around. Experts suggest that you should decorate the nursery 20 weeks into pregnancy. That will provide you with plenty of time to prepare the nursery and select accessories of your choice. 

What colours suit a nursery?

Calmer tones and pastel shades suit any nursery the best. Babies need soft tones, and it’s excellent if you do not paint the walls and keep them white. Nursery wall decals will add the colour required. Also, this plain white background will make the fairies and unicorn wall decals pop up. 

Choose any colour of your choice; don’t limit yourself to stereotypes of blue for boys and pink for girls. Play with themes. You can even select gender-neutral themes and colours.

Benefits of decorating the nursery with wall decals:

  • It is quick and easy. 
  • You get a lot of customisation at a lower price. 
  • It can be removed without much hassle. 
  • Replacing them is easy. 

Where to apply?

  • Nursery wall decals can be applied anywhere. From walls to wardrobes, they can adhere to various surfaces. You can use the nursery wall decals next to the crib where your baby can see the patterns and enjoy their time.
  • You can apply nursery wall decals in a repetitive pattern all around the room. For example, if you want a wonderland theme to the room, you can get unicorn wall decals with a few fairies and some sky castles. You can create a sequence of these and make a pattern around the room.  
  • Nursery wall decals are not just limited to unicorn wall decals. You can even get letters and put them on the door of the nursey to make your baby’s name. 
  • You can even place some on the glass if you have a mirror in your baby’s room. 
  • Decorate the bathroom walls to bring some entertainment in the bath with the bubbles.

What kind of nursery wall decals to get?

Your baby is precious, and everything that reaches them should be safe. Nursery wall decals are available in multiple materials. Plastic, paper and fabric nursery wall decals are available in the market. Make sure to choose non-toxic materials to ensure the safety of your little angel. 

How to remove the wall decals?

  • Wall decals are easy to remove. You can pull them, and your unicorn wall decals will fly away quickly. 
  • If the nursery wall decals are stuck a little too firmly, heat them with a hairdryer, and your work will be done. 
  • If you want to avoid wall damage, make sure to pull the wall decals slowly. If you rip them quickly like a band-aid, it might leave a scar on your wall.

Nursery wall decals will change the way you decorate your child’s room. They make it super easy to decorate a child’s place. With customisation and creativity, you can enjoy a beautiful nursery on a budget. Also, once your child grows a little, you can select decals of their choice and revamp the nursery with them.