e waste disposal

Updating one’s hardware to keep pace with the constantly changing world and improving technological advancements is natural. However, in such times what do you do with your older devices? Replace? Repair? Dispose of? Discard? And how is this done?

It is time for individuals who use electronic appliances daily to know the value of effective e waste disposal and why it needs attention. The electronic waste includes under its purview televisions, flashlight, CD players, VCRs, mobile phones, printers, laptops, calculators, etc.

Several services provide e-waste recycling and disposal services; there is still a significant number that makes its way to landfills, posing a threat to the environment. The circumvention of this will understand that the trashcan is the ideal disposal facility for your out of use electronic devices.

Elaborated below are specific reasons why effective e waste disposal and recycling effort is the need of the hour.

Creation Of E-Waste Can Be Hazardous: 

A significant majority of electronic appliances are curated off plastic, metal, glass and most pertinently, chemicals. These chemicals can be quite hazardous if not dealt with sufficient care. These incite safe disposals, such that no harm is incurred to humans, animals or the environment. Moreover, improper disposal can contaminate the inflicted soil beyond repair, pollute the air and even filter into water sources. Some such hazardous elements that are seen most commonly in electronic devices include:

  • Mercury: these are found in many electrical devices like gas water heaters or chest freezers that use mercury switches. Notably, improper mercury disposal can cause excruciating skin and respiratory disorders.
  • Leaded glass: Leaded glass is a heavy and hazardous metal that coats most television and computer screens. 
  • Cancer-causing elements: The e-waste might also consist of explosive and cancer-causing elements such as cadmium, lead, and lithium are packed within most batteries.

Regulation Of Proper E-Waste Disposal: 

Typically, large-scale corporations and businesses produce a significant chunk of e-waste since they optimise the use of maximum electronic devices. Therefore, the government sets specific rules and regulations to adhere to the ideal and legal disposal methods to make this a reality. Suppose a business or corporation is found to be involved in any illegal or cheap disposal action when it comes to their e-waste. In such circumstances, it is regarded as a criminal offence punishable by law or extracts hefty fines based on the scale and state in question.

Adds A Measure Of Safety: 

Optimisation of improper e-waste disposal can prove to be a counterproductive measure for the individual or corporation practising it. This is because this exposes them to potential security threats and privacy breaches. Nobody wants their private information to be leaked, and this is a real possibility even if you have discarded your appliances after a memory wipe. This becomes more troublesome if the info is sensitive and belongs to businesses whose data can be misused.Hopefully, the pointers mentioned above have highlighted why the effective disposal and recycling of e waste is necessary and urgent. Take a step to make effective e waste disposal a reality at your level, and it’ll help the world take action towards curating an environmentally sound tomorrow.