Kingsford is located at the heart of the Eastern Suburb in Sydney. Dental care in Kingsford has grown and expanded over the past few years. Dentist Maroubra provides dental maintenance options that are cost-effective and personalized according to your requirements. 

Oral Health Services Provided in Kingsford and Maroubra 

Our dental clinic in Maroubra provides a diverse range of dental treatment services. The types of oral health care services provided are as follows:

  • Restorative Dentistry

This type of dentistry deals with the study, diagnosis and management of teeth diseases and their related structures of support. Its primary aim is to rehabilitate the functionality of dentition and cater to the aesthetic needs of a person. Out Dentists in Maroubra’s foremost priority is to provide a holistic treatment to their patients.

Dentist in Kingsford uses restorative dentistry to manage complicated cases. The practice is not limited to root canal treatment, non-surgical and surgical periodontal treatment, rehabilitating damaged tooth, maxillofacial trauma patients, hypodontia and those after head and neck oncology treatment. 

  • Pediatric Dentistry

Our Pediatric at Maroubra dental clinic has a separate children’s department which deals with dental issues of children from birth and through the years of adolescence. The main aim of the Maroubra dental clinic is to promote the oral health of children and serve educational resources for parents.

On the other hand dentist, Kingsford serves not only you but your entire family. The dentist establishes an accessible and friendly relationship with children, which helps to create a positive attitude towards seeing a dentist at regular intervals. 

  • Orthodontic Treatment

This kind of treatment involves teeth whitening which helps to restore the natural colour of the teeth and brighten your smile. A veneer is used as thin coverings of porcelain that bond with the teeth surfaces to improve its aesthetic appeal and protect the tooth from further decay or damage. Dental braces and invisible braces also fall under orthodontic treatment 

  • Wisdom teeth extraction

Many times wisdom teeth cannot find enough room in the jaw and hence, causes pain. As brushing and flossing become difficult, bacteria build up in between the neighbouring molars and the wisdom teeth. 

  • Gum Treatment

This varies according to the required case of a patient. Gum treatment involves treating the damaged soft tissues and bones that give support to the teeth. In worst exceptional cases, people may end up losing teeth. 

  • Crowns and Fillings

Dentists apply fillings to restore a damaged or chipped tooth from trauma or decay. Silver and white fillings are used to do the job as preferred by a patient. Many times crowns are preferred to fillings. They are like a helmet, protection that covers a tooth like a cap. The materials commonly used are gold, silver or porcelain crown. 

Considering the above services given by our dentist in Kingsford and in Maroubra dental clinic, we can conclude that the sole purpose of these dental care units is to provide all encompassing and comprehensive oral health care to their patients and their families. They are dedicated dentists, equipped with modern techniques and tools giving quality treatments at cost-effective rates.