You must have planned a lot about adding value to your house by making the best use of the available space in the backyard. You must have heard of granny flat and how it is quickly transforming the construction world.

To many, granny flats have been the revered investment. However, amidst all these, do you know the facts that are associated with a granny flat?

According to the professionals who are associated with the design and construction of granny flat in Hornsby, the following are some of the important things that every house owner needs to know before proceeding with the construction of a granny flat.

What Are The Limitations of a Granny Flat?

Granny flats are secondary dwelling often constructed to make out space to accommodate people. However, there are some associated limitations with the granny flat. These are—

  • It can only be constructed property and hence if you have a commercial building or property, you simply cannot proceed with it.
  • According to Australian rules, a granny flat construction would need a minimum of 450 m2 of the block size.
  • The granny flat in Hornsby should be self-contained. That means it must have a separate arrangement for the bathroom, kitchen, living space, entrance, and outdoor area.

What Can be the Maximum Expense For Constructing a Granny Flat in Hornsby?

The popularity of the granny flat in Hornsby has made the contractors cater to quick service. Therefore, on average, a granny flat in Hornsby is constructed within a span of two to two and a half months.

As far as the expense is concerned, a comfortable granny flat with all facilities and amenities can be constructed by shedding a sum of AUD 100,000. Rest expense depends on the luxuries being attached to it.

Do You Need to Save For Constructing a Granny Flat?

Not! The popularity of granny flat has made financiers come forward to provide financial assistance to house owners who wish to construct a granny flat in their backyard.

The challenging aspect here is to get with the best financers. According to the experts, consultation is always going to be helpful in the entire process.

Can You Rent Out Your Granny Flat?

Yes! People who are constructing a granny flat in Hornsby are putting this portion of their property as rent. This has become a source of extra income for many houses.

However, what is required in such cases is to ensure that the flat has a good design and can accommodate the tenant comfortably.

Do You Need To Subdivide The Block?

For the construction of a granny flat, one needs not to go for subdividing the property. Experts say that it can be an extension to the present property.

However, it should be self-contained. Avoiding the plan to subdivide the property would save not only time but also money.


There are several other things related to a granny flat. One should always look out for the professional help for getting the best granny flat in Hornsby constructed. Each of the elements should be properly planned to ensure that the investment done is just right.