kitchen cabinet handles and knobs

When planning your kitchen decor, kitchen cabinet handles and knobs may not seem crucial, but the little details may make or break your design.

Before choosing your kitchen cabinet handles, it’s important to take the colour, style, and theme of your kitchen decor into account.

Your choice of handles and knobs can significantly alter the appearance of your kitchen because they are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials. What factors should you take into account before choosing a specific handle, then? What types of kitchen cabinet handles should you be looking for? Let’s see.

Kitchen Cabinet Handle and knobs Types

If you want your kitchen cabinet handles and knobs to go with your decor, it must be the proper style. Kitchen cabinet decorative hardware is available in a range of designs, dimensions, materials, and finishes. We’ll concentrate on the five fundamental fashion trends to watch out for. Let’s look at them:

The Rustic Look

Rustic handles are a terrific purchase for kitchens with a country or farmhouse theme. If you don’t want to ruin the rustic feel of the kitchen, choose a matte copper or black finish.

The eclectic appearance

Variety is enjoyable. And it allows for some quirkiness. Choosing kitchen cabinet handles and knobs that enable you to express your personality is the ideal way to let this element of you shine through. You can choose painted wooden knobs to match your decor or something artistic.

The Modern Ambience

The modern design emphasises smoothness and simplicity. And style is a factor. In this situation, extravagant embellishment simply won’t work because you want the woodwork to speak for itself. Kitchen cabinet handles and knobs that are streamlined and basic are a fantastic option. To tie your design together, you can choose between curved or straight bar handles. For a unified look, you could wish to match the handle material with your appliances.

Select a classic kitchen handle

A traditional kitchen concept can be enhanced with elaborate design features. Your handles should therefore be ornately charming to match the decor. For a traditional appearance, fancy knobs with elaborate patterns, drop handles, or curving handles with an antique finish work nicely. If price is not a concern for you, porcelain is another choice.

A Combination of Traditional and Modern

Meet in the middle to get kitchen cabinet handles and knobs that remind us of both the rich flavour of traditional décor and the minimalism of the contemporary look. A few traditional accents, such as elaborate knobs or lace curtains, will give your contemporary space a more traditional feel.


Kitchen cabinet handles and knobs can be constructed out of a wide variety of materials, the majority of which are high-quality metal alloys. There are many different designs of lacquer-finished brass hardware available. These are strong and fantastic options for your kitchen.

Another common material that works well for heavy cabinetry is bronze. Stainless steel also has benefits for the sleek and modern kitchen because it is strong and doesn’t tarnish. The market has a place for wooden knobs. Less common possibilities include crystal, pewter, or glass, all of which are excellent choices for a retro kitchen.