A dental bridge is an arrangement in which two or more artificially made crowns are made to fit over the anchoring teeth (teeth neighbouring to missing tooth/ set of teeth). On the other hand, a dental implant is an artificial tooth which is fitted inside the jaw using a surgical method. These days’ people prefer dental bridges over dental implants due to many reasons. If you also have missing teeth then you should go with the option of the dental bridge due to the following reasons. 

Here’s why dental bridges are best-

As medical science is evolving and changing day by day, there have been so many improvements in dental science as well. In today’s date whenever a person has a missing tooth/teeth, the dentists always suggest they undergo a dental bridge rather than an implant as it is long-lasting, less painful, affordable and much more.You can consult some of the most experienced dentists in Sydney city for the best dental advice. 

They are not painful 

There must be many people out there who dread the surgical process for tooth implantation. If you are also one of them, then the dental bridge is one of the best options for you as it is painless and it involves no cuts or stitching.


If you think that dental bridge is not effective, then you are wrong because these are long-lasting. The average life of a dental bridge can be 15 years or more. 

A quick process

Our readers should note that the best part about getting a dental bridge over a dental implant is that it is a very quick process. Unlike the process of installing a dental plant, the dental bridge can be installed within 23 sittings. On the other hand, dental implants may take time as the process is lengthy and it requires time to heal as well. 

It is affordable 

It is very important to think about money as well. The cost of getting a dental bridge is way less than having a dental implant. Therefore, why not choose something affordable, painless and long-lasting. 

Easy to maintain 

Another reason why people prefer dental bridges over dental implants is that they are easy to maintain. People can easily keep them clean. This greatly decreases the chances of decay and infection in neighbouring teeth and jaws. 

It will keep your teeth intact

If you are ignoring your missing tooth, then it may result in the gap between your teeth. However, when you have a dental bridge installed properly, your teeth will not move from their original position. Thus, the shape of the jaw will not become distorted. 

We hope that the above-stated information was helpful for all our readers and now they are convinced that dental bridges are one of the best options for them if they fear surgery and pain. Keep reading our articles for more information. Consult your family dentist in Sydney city today if you wish to know more about dental bridges and fill in the missing gap in your mouth.