Hampton style bar stools

The Hamptons home style has become increasingly popular in local beach suburbs. That’s because this décor style originated in New York’s coastal suburbs, and it’s fun to replicate for coastal homeowners during the summer holidays. As a result, Hampton style furniture items are also quite popular.

  • Hampton style furniture items are fashioned to encourage outdoor living.
  • They look like beachside furniture items, so it is easy to create entertaining and relaxing atmospheres in backyards. 
  • Holiday homes use these furniture items to give their guests feelings of luxury. 

Hampton style furniture items reward homeowners in various ways. But, they are quite expensive. Before entertaining the idea of buying these furniture items, homeowners need to make budgetary assessments. 

The most important question they need to address is: What’s the ideal starting point in this journey towards creating a Hampton style home? For many furniture experts, this journey should start with Hampton style bar stools.

Why Buy Hampton Style Bar Stools?

In the past, the use of barstools was limited to only restaurants and resorts. In the past two decades, barstools have gradually become common furniture items in many homes. Here’s why homeowners should consider purchasing Hampton style bar stools – 

  • Low-Cost Investment: Unlike sofa sets or console tables, bar stools are relatively low-cost investments. They flawlessly fuse into any home décor pattern. They can be placed inside open kitchens, inside dining rooms, or used for evening parties in the backyard. Facilitating the rationing of beverages becomes very easy when you’re using bar stools.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Bar stools with Hampton-style features fit into all types of home décor styles. Homeowners don’t have to upgrade the rest of their furniture items or décor details to make these stools look better. They look amazing, irrespective of any décor specification. 
  • Customisation Options: Homeowners can easily customise their barstools by adding foam cushions at their backs, installing hydraulic seats (these stools are resistant to hydraulic fluids), or adding armrests.
  • Multiple Uses: People of all sizes, shapes, and ages can enjoy bar stools. Bar stools with wide and flat armrests always feel extremely comfortable, irrespective of your age or body type.

Buying Bar Stools – How to Make Sure You’re Getting Hampton Style?

A pure Hampton style bar stool should be made of high-quality materials such as oak. The presence of other constituents like metal is fine as long as they boost the utility criteria of the homeowners. The sellers should also allow colour options for the padded seats.

A pure Hampton style bar stool should come with a warranty of at least twelve months. It shouldn’t require any assembly. The reputation of the bar stool seller matters a lot. Make sure that the furniture seller has a reputation of selling Hampton style furniture items to local businesses (restaurants, bars, etc.). 

Before finalising the purchase, measure the distance between the bar stool’s top surface and the floor. They’ll need to fit under your table. Make sure its exterior has a shiny finish so that it can be easily used in commercial settings if needed.