There are dedicated furniture companies in Australia that provide premium Australian made timber furniture. They create some of the most gripping and advanced products that you want to install in your home and office. The premier firms design and manufacture high-quality timber furniture with strength, simplicity, and integrity. They use sustainable and recycled timber. They custom manufacture and process each piece at their workshops in cities like Melbourne, Adelaide, and Sydney. You can find many new, beautiful showrooms at peak locations. In addition to the premium furniture stores, the companies also retail homewares, complementary artwork and seating, and lighting.

About the products:

The companies commit to producing quality, lifetime pieces with little or no footprint. From MT designs to the latest models, the companies provide a plethora of Australian made timber furniture. Models like the Feast entail a bread-boarding on the top. The refectory style and design base are indeed a beauty. The most popular design is the 60mm-75mm American oak plank. The sandblasted finish is very unique. It accentuates the grain and texture of the timber. From the bedroom, dining room, and wall units to custom made furniture, lamp and coffee tables, and office furniture, you can find them all under one roof.

The dashing dining tables:

The Martha cove dining table showcases the zenith of Australian made timber furniture. This stunning dining table entails superb crafting of black steel in V shape, reclaimed/recycled Messmate, and top-class powder coating. The makers fill each gum pocket, bolt hole, and nail hole with casting resin to create a smooth, flat finish. You can also use it as a cushion. It’s that much comfortable. 

  • The other three popular options are Excel, Edge, and Murray dining tables. 
  • A 1400 mm round dining table showcases plush Tasmanian oak and a cross-legged carriage (undercarriage). 
  • You can stain this Australian made timber furniture in any color and also customize it to your space. 
  • The Excel models are purely made in Australia. They use US White Oak timber, which they stain in wenge colors. The tables feature a contemporary base look and design. 
  • Their position maximizes the seating capacity. This product is also open to customization.
  • Models like Murray, Bridgett, and Villa suit all types of modern applications. Featuring the same American Oak timber, you can also source from old warehouses and factories. 
  • You can find them in and around leading cities. Every piece of Australian made timber furniture entails a careful hand selection of materials. 

The wall units:

In addition to the popular Balmoral wall units, Kew WIR, and KEW units, you have Australian made timber furniture for Tamar wall units and entertainment systems.

A 3.6-meter-long entertainment unit redefines a wall-mounted piece. These companies manufacture the products with recycled Messmate. There are two white packs and painted colors. Its design random placing of suspended, solid shelving. They also showcase a plethora of TV units with numerous features. There are DVD racks and internal drawers for a wide variety of applications. You can customize them to your needs.