aircon installation

People can no longer tolerate the summer because, as They all know, air conditioning has become a necessary component of their daily lives. The intense heat literally exhaustive and makes you ill, but what should They keep in mind when installing an air conditioner? They will soon need to purchase an air conditioner if They haven’t already. The air conditioner will make every moment of their life absolutely wonderful, at home or at work. The hardest task anyone must complete is aircon installation, though! Of course, They can’t do it by yourself. Let’s look at some considerations for installation right now!

Durability Of The Wall

You might not be aware of this, but your home’s strongest wall must be used during aircon installation. You should rethink the idea of getting a new air conditioner if you believe that your house is somewhat flimsy and that the walls are not very sturdy. The approximate weight of a split indoor air conditioner is 13 kg, so a strong wall is required where the four bolts are more than sufficient to hang the system. Therefore, you should think twice before making a new one and carefully select your wall!

Ac And Wall Spacing

Although you might not realise it, you must allow enough room for the air conditioner to breathe and circulate air throughout the entire room. The space should be open, and the wall area should be standard, measuring about 15 cm. You must pick a wall where the air conditioner can circulate the air effectively and without interference. Decide on the location before aircon installation, and then purchase an air conditioner.


You must be considering how the air conditioner and location are related. Well, location is the primary factor in the air conditioner’s survival. You will need to try to put your indoor system somewhere that is completely dark. You might be surprised to learn that a little light can actually harm your device. On the other hand, you will need to put the outdoor system in a spot where it won’t be in direct sunlight when it’s installed. You will need to maintain the machine because even minimal heat can sometimes cause damage.

The Ideal Distance Should Exist Between The Indoor And Outdoor Units

This is yet another crucial element you should take into account before aircon installation. In order to effectively cool the space, the distance between the indoor and outdoor units must be accurate. It is obvious that you are purchasing an air conditioner in order to experience the best cooling on a hot summer day.

The Outdoor Machine’s Proper Placement

In most cases, a flat surface is used to install the outdoor unit. The machine could be harmed by the leaves of a nearby tree or a similar object. The condenser, compressor, and fan motor are three important parts of the outdoor unit. These three are essentially the air conditioner’s main support system.

What else are you holding out for? Consider every factor carefully before making your split air conditioner purchase and aircon installation. It will be greatly influenced by these factors, so if you are not a professional, you should never attempt to install it yourself. A huge risk will be involved.