Taking good care of a child is never easy. Besides providing all the basic needs, parents have to mind its overall health. This includes protecting and improving a child’s future smile. A child with a beautiful and healthy smile is happy too. So, all parents should consider taking their children to a pediatric dentist in their area. A well-educated and certified expert, a pediatric dentist is a child’s dental doctor who is fully recognized and approved by the ABPD (American Board of Pediatric Dentistry). He or she is able to offer high-quality dental services to kids of all ages. The following is a list of comprehensive therapies provided by the top Jacksonville pediatric dental office.

Emergency dental treatment

Even a kid who goes for its annual dental checkups can be involved in accidents that might require immediate medical attention. In other words, kids require emergency dental treatments for the following:

  • Knocked tooth – Prior to taking a child to a pediatric dentist, try to apply pressure to the area where the knocked out baby tooth occupied. Then call for help right away. If it is a permanent tooth that got knocked out, locate it and put it back in the socket it came from and hold it in. If this is impossible, places the knocked out permanent tooth in a can of milk and get in touch with a good dentist.
  • Chipped tooth – Children are involved in dangerous games sometimes, and some get into accidents. If yours ever gets a chipped tooth during play, don’t panic. Compress the area with a cold piece of cloth to reduce the swelling and then locate the lost piece of tooth.  Call the child’s dentist and take him or her in the emergency room as soon as possible. This could help keep a tooth infection away and save the chipped tooth.
  • Toothache – Does your kid have an aching tooth? Locate this tooth and soothe that area of the child’s face with a cool compress. Even if you have aspirin in the house, don’t crash it and place it on the painful tooth. Instead, give your child the required dose of Motrin to help control the pain, call a pediatric dentist and go to the emergency room.

Dental appliances to correct various problems

A reliable pediatric dental office in Jacksonville provides restorative dental procedures. These are designed for kids who have teeth or jaw issues. For instance, children who have a tooth crowding problem or crooked, misshapen teeth qualify for restorative dental services. These issues are treated with braces and other dental appliances. Braces for young kids are the metal ones that are made of wires and brackets. These take more than one year to do their work and are fixed.

They require proper care such as adjustments when some parts get loose and proper cleaning. Big kids or teenagers are now lucky to have their own Invisalign braces that look just like their natural teeth in terms of color. These removable braces enable kids to avoid bullying that is encountered by those wearing metal braces. Besides braces, kids’ damaged teeth can be restored with dental implants, crowns, bridges, veneers, and dentures. It all depends on the dental issue they have and the option their dentist selects.