Tattoos are one of the best ways to express your feelings while showcasing the thing that can make you unique. But often people choose to remove the tattoos due to some reasons. And with the latest methods, now it has become possible to remove laser tattoo effectively without any hassle. Laser tattoo removal is considered to be one of the best tattoo removals methods in Mumbai.

But when it comes to removing tattoo with laser, there are a number of untrue myths that float around the web. And the worst part about these myths is that these often scare people away, who want to remove the tattoos through this process.

Here are some of the common myths about laser tattoo removal:

  1. Laser tattoo removal can get you scars: This is one of the biggest myths of laser tattoo removal. Actually, this process doesn’t cause any scar. Even the older method of laser tattoo only penetrates the skin’s upper layer and therefore this doesn’t cause scars.
  2. Laser tattoo removal is painful: Another myth associated with tattoo removal is that this process is uncomfortable and painful enough. But most of the people, who have opted for laser tattoo removal, report a bearable level of pain, almost like a sensation. And it also doesn’t need to use any pain relievers following the process.
  3. Laser tattoo removal process is unsafe: If you plan to go for laser tattoo removal, you will definitely get to hear this myth. The laser manufacturer companies are FDA regulated that oversees use and production. Besides, the experts of the laser tattoo removal companies are also properly licensed to be qualified to operate this process.
  4. One sitting is enough for removing a tattoo with laser: This is a myth and not truth. Laser tattoo removal in Mumbai is a step-by-step method. And it needs around 5-12 sessions for removing the tattoo. But the total number of settings here depends entirely on a number of factors like the amount and type of ink used by the tattoo artist, your skin type, your age and health issues and the blood circulation in the affected area.
  5. One kind of laser is capable of removing all tattoos: There is a myth that only one type of laser is ideal for removing all tattoos. But this is not true. There are a number of FDA approved lasers available in the markets, which are effective and safe. And laser tattoo removal is a complete combination of science and art. All you need is to choose an expert provider for performing the job. In the case of laser tattoo removal, the person behind the job and his experience are more important.
  6. Laser tattoo removal is costly: Often people say laser tattoo removal process is costly and therefore they follow some alternative methods for the same. But if you consider other factors like the detailing and extensiveness of the procedure, the effects, the after effects, etc. you will find that the tattoo removal price in Mumbai is actually worth.