Slippages are one of the most prevalent causes of accidents in the workplace or at home. It is because of the slippery floor. The wear and tear are high in places having too much traffic like in the workplaces. Since the mats have proven to be useful when it comes to providing safety and comfort, the chances of slips and falls are still being encountered. But with the anti-slip solutions for tiles, the accidents from slipping have been highly reduced.  There are numerous great anti-slip solutions for tiles that one can use to prevent slips be it at home or office. Let us check it out;

Grip Tapes And Slip Treads Anti-Slip Solutions.

 They are widely used and most preferred by many. The reason behind there popularity is that they can be used in all types of surfaces or floors. They are generally installed on tile surfaces, stairs, and even the walkways. Be it a residential or commercial setting; these anti-slip solutions for tiles serves the purpose correctly. Also, they are not costly, and many people can afford.

An adhesive is used to attach the grip tape on the floor surface. They are either non-abrasive or textured abrasive tapes. The textures surface remains on top of the floor to offer foot traction. On the other hand, the anti-slip treads are placed on the stairs in the form of tiles. They are typically formed from fibreglass and aluminium and can be used indoors or outdoors.

Speciality Tapes And Step Treads

The speciality anti-slip tapes and treads are specially formed to be applied in specific places. They are used in certain areas to meet a defined goal by providing traction.

Some examples of such speciality anti-slip solutions for tiles include aqua-safe for installation in wet conditions, chemical-resistant anti-slip tapes for chemical-sensitive areas, and antimicrobial grip tape and non-slip treads for use in sanitary settings, like in hospitals.

The Anti-Slip Coatings For Tiles And Safety Paints

Anti-slip materials such as paints and coatings are typically installed on floors. Their main aim is to offer durable foot traction. This, in the long run, will prevent slipping. Not only will the paint prevent slips, but also help in decorating your place, be it residential or commercial settings.

To increase traction, non-slip paints and coatings, are available. They have grit, which forms a sturdy place for safe walking. Also, you can use epoxy flooring. It is mainly used in public places where the foot traffic is heavy.

So, if you have a tiled floor at home or workplace, there is an anti-slip solution for tiles available. Ensure you select a reputable company. Also, find one with many years of experience in delivering and applying non-slip floor solutions for tiles. It will also be great if you find service providers that can help out by conducting a slip resistance test. It will, in turn, help to find out the rate of your slippery floor. Always request for a quote before finalizing a company that will make your floors non-slippery.