Installation of a retractable awning at the patio allows you to relax under a shade, even on an extremely hot day. A perfect awning colour suiting the architecture of your house can intensify the overall outlook. While choosing the colour, you should have a sense of current styles and trends as well, so that you do not pick outdated stuff.  

Everyone has a different preference in choosing the colour, and you must have it too. So, we have listed down some considerations which might help you narrow down your list of choices for a perfect shade: Some factors to consider while choosing the colour for your awning in Bulkan Hills :

1) Home Exterior:

The paints on the home exterior help decide the colour of the awningHowever, it is not a good idea to match the exact colour of the exterior with the sunshade. It can ruin the overall look. It is always better to contrast the colour or choose something that can emphasize the outlook of your house. For example, the exterior with white paint makes a great combination with a red-coloured awning. 

 2) Fading nature:

As an awning provides you shade to relax, it has to face exposure to sunlight or rain regularly. The paints for exterior use are better and of high quality than interior ones. In spite of that, the colour of the awning starts fading after some years.

So, choose a colour that doesn’t get vanished easily. Any shade will fade over time, but what you need to know is which colour will resist fading for longer in comparison to others. For example, you can consider a blue awning over red or green, as they are somewhat better at resisting the effect of sunlight.  

 3) Hiding stains:

This factor is a must when you think of maintenance purposes. As awnings are installed outdoors, they are prone to unwanted dirt and stains. It may happen frequently, and you might feel annoyed with daily cleanings. To solve that issue, you can consider some colours which are best at hiding stains.  

 Black has popularly known for its stain-hiding capability but still dusts and dirt get attracted to it easily. Whereas stains are easily visible in light and bright colours like yellow, and thus, it requires frequent cleaning.

Dark shades are better in comparison, and you can pick any shade of red, blue, brown, etc. However, that doesn’t mean that you will be completely free from maintenance and cleaning issues, but at least they require less handling. 

 4) Repainting options:

Fabric awnings are a great choice as they allow repainting options. You do not have to take down the canopy and replace it with a new one. Instead of that, you can get it repainted, giving it a fresh look all over again. It can also save the cost of installing a new awning. So, you can consider them for long-lasting use.  

5) The Bottom Line:

These tips will come in handy while you are picking a colour for your sunshade. And, when you finalize a shade, contact a high-rated awning installation company in Baulkham Hills to complete the installation process.