CEC solar installers

This might be the very first time when you are making plans to purchase a solar panel. So, you have to focus on the best CEC solar installers near your place, who will not just help you in installing the panels but will ensure better durability for a long time. They will further offer you tricks and tips to maintain the longevity of the solar panel PV systems. Now, searching through the internet will let you come across so many solar panel installers. How can you possibly choose the best one among the lot? The steps mentioned below might guide you through the process well.

Always Aim For The Accredited Installers

Make sure to go for the CEC solar installers accredited in MCS as their bare minimum credential. A good installer might also be registered with the energy assurance organisations or a member of some authorised centres. Basic accreditation is a must if you want to feed in the tariff scheme and cover up the payments!

Reputed Firms Won’t Use High-Pressure Sales Tips

This is one golden rule to follow. Reputed firms know that their work will speak on their behalf. So, they don’t have to waste much time or energy on advertising. Even the consumer code states that they must not use high-pressure sales tactics to try and hassle the consumers into making hasty decisions.

  • If you are feeling under pressure while looking for CEC solar installers, always opt for the companies which are ready to present you with some quotes.
  • Make sure to go for quotes from several installers and compare their prices. It will help you to make a decent choice, which is suitable for your pocket as well!

A minimum of three quotations is important to get hands-on to make the best decision. So, you have to come across at least 3 firms and ask for their installation quotes. It will provide you with the chance to compare rates from various CEC solar installers and help you get a feel for the firm. You can understand if you are comfortable working with these firms or not. In case you aren’t, there are always some new options for you to give out a try.

Research And Ask For References

A proficient solar installer might have been in this business for a pretty long time. It must have no issue in providing you with testimonials and references from previous customers. Learn for how long they have been associated with the solar panel business and the level of positive approach they have in the minds of previous clients. Don’t let their flashy website confuse you more. Instead, be in the field and ask the clients directly for their experiences with these CEC solar installers.

These simple yet effective steps will help you find the right solar installer and provide you with detailed information about the companies. So, make sure to go through all the points first before making a decision.