bathroom mirror with lights

We should no longer traditionally treat bathrooms. They are not only a space for taking a shower or washing but also a personalized space to recharge, relax, and pamper you. So, lighting plays a vital role during remodelling your bathroom, mainly in areas near the mirror meant for tasks like applying makeup or shaving. 

Coming with limitations of their positioning and vanity sizes, bathroom mirror with lights have emerged as the most crucial option over vertical and ceiling light fixtures that were traditional additions with mirrors. 

  • Types of bathroom mirrors with light 

You can get a wide variety available in the types of bathroom mirror with lights. They come in different styles and designs apart from sizes, finishes, and colours. The several types of mirrors can be roughly divided into illuminated mirrors with shaver socket, illuminated cabinet, illuminated, and LED. The first two types are more versatile as they come with efficient storage options to avoid any mess. The most commonly used illuminated mirror type is the LED because of energy efficiency and economy of use.

Bathroom mirror with lights also varies based on the position of the lights. Some of them come with in-built light fixtures that surround the mirror’s frame, while some others come with their light fixtures. In the case of an illuminated mirror, you can also choose from contemporary and traditional designs.

  • Reasons for the popularity of bathroom mirror with lights

The majority of the homeowners choose bathroom mirror with lights as they offer a proper reflection or clear image. But these types of mirrors are not preferred only for their increased functionality. The style and aesthetic appeal they add to the bathroom also counts for its popularity. Inadequate lighting can ruin your makeup or make it difficult for you to shave correctly. Illuminated mirrors help to distribute light evenly through your face making it easier for you to get ready or shave. These mirrors come with special pads to keep steam and clouds from getting into the glass. 

  • Features to check while choosing 

While choosing an illuminated bathroom mirror, make sure that it matches with the rest of the theme of your bathroom. It should also match the other fixtures and lights used in the room. You should also consider the intensity of the light while buying a bathroom mirror with lights. Too bright or flashy lights can cause harm to your eyes. To control such cases, you can look for a mirror that comes with an adjustable knob. Another vital thing to consider is the colour temperature of the light. Whether the light is neutral, cold, or warm also plays an important role.

Bottom line

The benefits of bathroom mirrors with light might seem small initially, but high-quality lighted mirrors can turn out to be surprisingly beneficial for your life and your home. So what are you waiting for? Go for illuminated bathroom mirrors today if you want to make your bathroom appear more attractive. They are worth the price if you want to enhance the beauty of the bathroom effortlessly.