home renovations in Cronulla

Nowadays it’s the time of tiles. New homes mean new sets of tiles. The beautiful art in tiles looks both fashionable and trendy. Tiles may be polished, rough, glass made or printed as its requirements. But using tiles is in fashion. Its wide range is loved by all. As per taste tiles are ready to show variety.  With some tiles, a particular shape may be made. 

Home renovations means a total makeover and it will make the home almost new. And it is not possible to break and re-make every time, changing the style of tiles of floor and wall will light-up the home differently. Two change the view of the floor simply use just the opposite kind of tiles as before. Walls are the most beautiful canvas to use tiles and colours. It is the wall which portrays the beauty of the room and holds the energy of the host of the home. If the home is older and facing leak problems, tiles may be used on roof-tops and outside to cover and protect from rains, fogs. 


  • Rough tiles- Best for outside and roof-top use. It prevents leakages and stands as safety-guard of the home.
  • Porcelain tiles- Used mostly for floors and walls. Available in both glazed (polished), unglazed (unpolished). Best for bathroom floors.
  • Ceramic tiles- Due low absorption of water these are mostly used in kitchens and bathrooms but are useful for any room or balcony. 
  • Pebble tiles- To give a natural look to the walls pebbles tiles are used. Yes, it is a little difficult to set the pebble tiles in order, but if it is done by an expert, it gives a wider look to space.
  • Glass tiles- Glass tiles have an elegant look due to its fine polish. Due to mirror finish and contemporary look, it’s used anywhere but most effective for fireplaces, swimming pools, lawns.
  • Digital printed tiles- Digitally printed tiles are very much artistic and used to decorate the drawing rooms balconies lawns, particularly on one side of the wall. These days people prefer such types of tiles while going for home renovations in Cronulla.

Tile Colours

While planning home renovations in Cronulla give colours the most importance. The colour of the tiles is very much important for the ambience of the home. For floors of living and drawing rooms, ceramic tiles are the best options. Ceramic tiles are very glossy and will reflect the light. If the room has extra light rough ceramic should be used to balance the light. For the open space darker shades will be good-fitted and for little space and smaller rooms lighter shades will be perfect. 

Kitchen- People give much importance to the kitchen area when going for home renovations. For kitchen and storeroom floors, blackish or dark brown coloured ceramic tiles may be the best choice. Whiter and natural like ceramics are best for bedrooms floors. 

Garden area- For passages and terrace gardens vintage or out of fashion styles may be re-created for the host’s vintage taste. We need to keep in mind about settings too. The adhesive is the best choice for joining and setting the tiles on the floor. 

Parking space- While tiling parking and outside, thicker tiles must be used. For bi-colour type style we can use basic tiles in 3 walls and on the one wall we can create something highlighting, but the colour tone should be the same for the whole space. 

Bathroom- The bathroom is another major area, and while renovations, glossy wall-tiles may be used which will reflect the light. For the shower function, we may use different and unique tiles to separately glam-up. 

Rooftop garden- The pebble-tiles are best for roof-garden or green-balcony. It combines best with green plants. For beautification or highlight, Moroccan tiles are now in fashion. The glass tiles are best for private places like washrooms, pools. Tiles play a vital role in shaping the appearance of your home. Connect with the best and a professional home renovations company in Cronulla to have a luxury experience.