It has become important to have a break from busy city life. Many people are stressed out due to the workload, responsibility. Spending a weekend outside the town is always a great idea one should execute. You must get peace of mind to be energetic to face new problems. You must refresh yourself by trying out something like travelling to a nearby hill station, camping, outdoor activities, trekking to be relaxed and healthy.

If you are not able to find the right place to go! Don’t worry, we have a list of the best places for a magnificent stay in Lonavala.

Della Resorts in Lonavala

Della Resorts is a standout amongst the best place to stay in Lonavala, as it is one of the extravagance resorts close to Mumbai and Pune, with a premium contribution, and 5-star grade accommodation. It has all the luxuries of the world to cause you to feel extraordinary while offering extravagant tranquillity. In the first place, the presidential suites at Della are well structured, the staff is profoundly proficient and respectful, which puts forth a valiant effort to give an incredible experience. Della additionally has amazing manors to have a special time with your loved ones, and a couple of them have private pools as well. People who need to appreciate pool meetings can make a beeline for Café 24, one of the five multi-food eateries, which likewise offers a poolside bar.

What’s more, good to beat all is the in-house colourful SPA, which offers 24×7 assistance. A helpful back rub by exceptionally experienced masseurs is all you have to mitigate all the strain from your psyche and muscles. Della not only offers adventure activities but it is considered as the best place to stay in Lonavala.

Visit this best place for a magnificent stay in Lonavala.

Treat Resort, Silvassa 

Silvassa is well known for its beauty, it is one of the most favoured tourist destinations. The riverside town has the absolute premium retreats in the district, and the Treat Resort is likely the best of the part. The hotel has various world classrooms, with advanced interiors, which offer an extraordinary stay. The in-house Dawat and Lagoon eateries at Treat Resort offer delectable cooking styles from everywhere throughout the world.

The hotel has gigantic pool spaces, with a couple of huge slides. Nonetheless, the greatest fascination in the retreat is the Shamiyana styled poolside eating, which offers a unique experience. Moreover, the drive from Mumbai to Silvassa is completely sparkling. Spread across 97, 000sq.mts, the retreat additionally has a gaming zone and plenty of open space to wander.

Exotica Beach Resort, Diveagar 

Diveagar is among the unexplored place located on the waterfront of Maharashtra, with the absolute generally dazzling and clean seashores in the locale. Located by the shore of the Arabian Sea, the town has one of the most extraordinary retreats in Maharashtra, the Exotica Beach Resort. Lavish green timberlands, the hotel is an extraordinary spot for those looking for quietness and harmony.

Exotica Beach Resort offers an excellent stay option, with top tier courtesies and friendliness. Awakening to the peeping of birds and cool wind will soothingly affect your mind. Spend quality time with your family and friends at this magnificent place near Mumbai.

You can choose the best place for you from the above list and have a wonderful stay in Lonavala.