Mumbai is the dream city of many individuals. Hustling for life, pursuing their goals, having fun at night, basically attempting to understand life’s exciting pace. Following a difficult week at the office or even at home, the tired soul begins yearning for a spot, though little, which could calm the fatigued nerves and refresh one’s mind. Furthermore, there are some astonishing spending plans just as having an amazing weekend at adventure resorts near Mumbai. Why not choose the best resorts near Mumbai for your luxurious excursion. Here is a list of the best luxury resorts near Mumbai for you:-

Della Resort – Combo Pack of Adventure and Luxury

Would you like to encounter an ideal mix of extravagance and nature at Della Resorts? You can stay here with your family or loved ones in the wonderful spaces for an essential relax and anticipate faultless service and luxurious amenities. Located in the mountain valley of Lonavala, Della Resorts is one of the most loved adventure resorts and also tops the list of the best luxury resorts near Mumbai

Della Resorts offers different suites, in particular, Presidential Suites with an astounding perspective on excellent nature, Garden Villa Suites and Garden Villa Resort, Camp Della Resort for lavish outdoors experience, Della Adventure Resort with a perspective of an adventure park, and Della Resort Rooms for a home-like feel that excessively away from home.

U Tropicana, Alibaug 

Alibaug is a Mumbaikar’s preferred seashore destination and U Tropicana is the most loved retreat nearby. Boarding a ship from the Gateway of India is likewise an alternate option to reach here. Flawlessly arranged and mitigating to the exhausted eye, the retreat is one of the well known weekend excursions near Mumbai to visit with family and friends. The resort offers a 24-hour room service letting you explore your stay, a magnificent poolside bar with music for incredible night experience. The gaming zone is perfect for the children to have a fabulous time & have fun, and a library for the individuals who love to read books in a calm atmosphere. It is the best option for a one night stay and spending quality time with your dear ones.

The Forest Club Resort, Karjat

Dwelling in the greenery of nature, the Forest Club Resort in Karjat is probably the best retreat for loosening up and resuscitating. The luxurious view from the lawn of the resort is amazing and fulfilling to the eye, with enormous green landscapes of the hill station covering the view.  The resort has a superbly improved bistro that serves delicious food and moreover has a tremendous vastness pool to value the pleasant greatness of Karjat, while submerged in water. Planning a one night stay at this resort is a great solution for refreshing your soul.

Jalsrushti Island Resort, Mulshi

Jalsrushti Island Resort is one of the wonderful and delightful resorts near Mumbai. The retreat offers minute vintage-styled cottages; while the interiors and amenities are luxurious. On the banks of the famous Mula River, the island resort offers a fantastic view from its magnificent rooms, perfect for experiencing a night away from the city. Comfort & luxury is the topmost needs at Jalsrushti, and there are many other things that can make your stay perfect. If you’re going with your companions or office colleagues, light a bonfire by the riverside to have an extraordinary night out of your life.

Above mentioned is the list of best luxury resorts near Mumbai and Pune, you can choose whichever suits you and plan your one night stay.