Kitchen Furniture

The kitchen is an essential part of any apartment. Therefore it is necessary to plan its space and pay special attention to the choice of your kitchen furniture. When the comfortable, functional, modern kitchen furniture meets your taste, it creates a pleasant and unique feeling that you are at home.

The Choice Of Materials For Kitchen Furniture

It is essential to pay attention to the material from which the kitchen furniture is made from. To date, the most optimal material for classic or modern style kitchen fronts is considered MDF laminated with plastic sealed edges. This material is stronger than natural wood, and can withstand sharp fluctuations in temperature and humidity, and is also very easy to maintain.

When choosing kitchen furniture, first of all, you need to focus on criteria such as:

  • Quality
  • Comfort
  • Style
  • Colour

You should immediately think about how to arrange kitchen furniture, taking into account the layout and area of this room. All work area should have free access – you should not interfere with moving to the stove, sink, refrigerator

There are three categories of Kitchen furniture.

  • 1.Modern Kitchen Furniture

Modern geometric character, clear lines, smooth surfaces, almost complete lack of decor. Modern style kitchen furniture repeats lines of surfaces and can be ultimately recessed on the facades. Nothing extra on the surface: everything is hidden behind the fronts, including spice jars and coffee mugs. This style of kitchen furniture can also be made of natural stone, made of artificial materials. Usually used for a lot of clear or glazed glass, built-in lights, lights. There are no restrictions on the scale of colour: from oak to red or light whiteboards.

  • 2.High-Tech Kitchen Furniture

The trendy high-tech style is a step into the future. This style of kitchen furniture looks light, almost weightless, occupies little space, and doesn’t hold your gaze. The main ingredients in the high-tech kitchen are glass, metal, and plastic. The high-tech style in the kitchen may seem uncomfortable and cool; this style is for those who appreciate functionality, light, and freedom not to clutter the space.

  • 3.Rustic Style Kitchen Furniture 

The country style of the kitchen, perhaps, is the closest to small kitchens and large families, whose comfort and simplicity come first. The uniqueness of country style in the kitchen is natural materials: wood, cork, stone, straw, linen, small glass. Country-style kitchen furniture combines classic contours with the simplicity of the modern style: the lines are strict and clear, with no volume decorations.

How To Arrange Kitchen Furniture?

The kitchen furniture is conveniently located on the principle of a triangle. The kitchen work triangle is the area between the stove, sink, and refrigerator. Among them should be free space and easy access to all three corners of the desktop. Once you’ve determined the locations of this furniture, you can plan where to put the dining table, sofa, and other furniture items you need.

Finally, an important point when choosing individual kitchen furniture is the convenience of operation, called ergonomics. To do this, you need to successfully design the shelves, select the boxes with a convenient system of maximum extension, corner shelves, turnstiles in order to effectively use all useful kitchen furniture.