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Are you planning to install new bathroom vanities or replacing the existing ones? Are you not able to finalize any design? Well, after reading this article, you will no longer have to struggle about picking the best bathroom vanity for your remodelling project. Today’s article is all about the best ideas one can use for best bathroom vanities. 

Let’s begin!

Before we begin with the important discussion of the bathroom vanities, we should understand that changing our ideas according to the latest trends is always best. This is because, if you have followed such trends, your property will always look new and modern.

Before we jump to the main topic, let us first understand what one means by a bathroom vanity.

What is bathroom vanity?

These days, when people are planning to do a bathroom remodelling, the first and foremost thing to strike their mind is installing the beautiful bathroom vanities. If we come to describe these vanities in simple terms, then these are the cabinets that hold the washbasin in its place. Add to this, these vanities are designed with different colours and several drawers and sections to give an attractive look to the bathroom as well as increase the storage space.

If you are a person living in Rose Bay, then there are many bathroom renovation companies in Rose Bay extending their quality services at affordable prices.

Some of the best bathroom vanities are listed below-

  1. Grey is the new black- one of the most popular colours of bathroom vanity

Do you like everything simple yet rich? If yes, then it is always better to choose a grey colour vanities. Gone are the days when black was in the trend Grey is becoming more and more popular these days because it gives a subtle look and not to dark as well.

  1. Choose a theme according to the lights and flooring

The readers should keep in mind to choose the colour of the vanity according to the lighting and flooring of the bathroom. If you have white lights, then sticking to light shades of the vanity will be a good combination. However, if the lighting is dim and the flooring is of dark colour, then one should stick with dark colour vanities.

  1. Open- vanity is the new trend

Gone are the days when people used to choose the closed vanity for their bathrooms. However, these days, the latest trend in bathroom remodelling is that of open-shelf. If the readers are looking for a unique as well as classy vanity designs, then this is the best option for you.

  1. Floating vanity designs 

Yes, you have read it right. There are many bathroom renovations in the Rose Bay area in which bathrooms have floating vanities. By floating vanities, we mean that the vanities are seen hanging on the walls. You can choose if you want your floating vanities covered or open.

We hope that this article must have helped you with all the important information and ideas related to bathroom vanities. All the readers are recommended to check out the other articles and blogs for more tips and ideas on a bathroom renovation.