Coconut fibre mattress, popularly referred as coir mattresses are simple mattresses which are made of coir. Coir is simple natural fibre which can be easily obtained from the husk of a coconut. A coconut fibre mattress can hard, which is a primary reason for many consumers avoiding buying a coconut fibre mattress at the time of buying a new mattress of replacing their existing ones. But many users are unaware of the health benefits and other benefits of using a coconut fibre mattress.

Some of these benefits of using a coconut fibre mattress are as follows:

  • Hygroscopic quality:

It refers to the ability of coconut fibre mattress of providing a good quality, healthy and comfortable sleep. Coconut fibre mattress absorbs moisture, which otherwise can make a person’s sleep highly uncomfortable and unhealthy.

  • Ventilation and air-flow:

Coconut fibre mattress allows maximum airflow through the mattress and is highly ventilated, at this moment helps in keeping the coconut fibre mattress cool, especially during the hot summer months. Sleeping on a coconut fibre mattress, not only aids in lowering the cool ambient temperature for sleeping but also acts as a natural method of achieving a calmer and much more enjoyable sleep.

  • Additional support:

Coconut fibre mattress are made of fibres which have a natural springy property, which provides the user with additional support to the entire body while sleeping. This additional support offered by coconut fibre mattress can be highly beneficial for people with back problems, backaches etc. as it provides a perfect sleeping position and allows proper alignment of the spine.

  • Useful for people suffering from allergies:

Coconut fibre mattress is very useful for people who suffer from allergies such as dust etc. as does not hold any dust which can cause a lot of irritation to people.

  • Eco-friendly mattress:

Coconut fibre mattress is 100% environmentally friendly as they are made up of natural fibres found in the husk of coconuts. Coconut fibre mattress does not contain any form of chemicals and hence are beneficial for the health of the user as well for the health of the environment.

  • Fire resistant:

As Coconut fibre mattress is made up of coir, which does not catch fire easily. Hence, the coconut fibre mattress offers a higher degree of protection from fire compared to other forms of mattresses available within the marketplace.

  • Economical:

Coconut fibre mattress is highly economical and affordable when compared to buying another form of mattresses such as a latex mattress or memory foam mattress. Typically a coconut fibre mattress will cost about half of that of latex mattress or memory foam mattresses.

  • Zero-maintenance:

Coconut fibre mattress requires absolutely no or zero maintenance, unlike spring mattresses and foam mattresses which require regular maintenance. Typically, a good quality coconut fibre mattress can survive its entire shelf-life with absolutely no maintenance at all.

  • Suitable for children and elderly people:

Coconut fibre mattress is recommended for the use of children and the elderly, as sleeping on coconut fibre mattress support good development of bones in growing children and provides additional support to the elderly.