IT equipment disposal

Today, the world is connected with technology, and no one can escape from the wired network. It is crucial to understand how every device is used and when to upgrade it with a new one. Though one might consider this a simple task of replacing one box with another, it is much more and has a more profound influence. Proper IT equipment disposal is crucial for businesses as well as the environment. We can’t let the E-waste accumulate without disposing of it effectively. The E-waste generated on an industrial level can be hazardous for the environment and society; hence it is a must to opt for effective disposal. 

Here Are A Few Benefits Of It Equipment Disposal: 

Reducing Landfill Space

Landfills are growing at a rapid rate in Australia and around the world, meaning we are constantly trying to find more and more space to dump our waste.

By recycling your waste, you support lowering the amount of waste sent to landfills and therefore minimising the distance required for our rubbish.

Preventing Toxic Waste

When e-waste is brought to landfill sites, not only does it take up area, but electrical items also release dangerous toxins that are damaging to the environment and the healthiness of living species.

IT equipment possesses chemicals such as lead, mercury, beryllium and cadmium. When your equipment is recycled, you prevent the chemical toxins from being emitted into the water and the air and reduce environmental pollution.

Improved Health

As mentioned earlier, the chemicals from electronic waste can also damage living organisms. The toxins emitted from these chemicals through the air or water can cause brain and kidney damage to health complications.

By choosing to dispose of your old devices, you can keep our air and waters clean and safe to use.

Reduction In Manufacturing Cost & Energy

Did you know that approximately only 2% of materials in your computer you cannot reclaim? Around 98% of your dated PC can be recycled and reused, including the glass from a monitor, keyboards, computer/laptop case, cables, circuit boards, batteries and more.

Reusing the materials from these elements means less manufacturing is required to make the materials again, meaning less cost and minimised energy consumption.

Secure Data Disposal

Just because your files have been erased from your machine doesn’t mean the data has been completely cleared. Securing data has always been a crucial step, but data safety has been essential since the release of GDPR! Sending your IT gear to a landfill without obeying strict guidelines is illegal, and anyone found doing so will be fined a hefty bill!


Your old desktops and laptops may not be of any benefit to your business anymore, but there are people elsewhere who would profit from your old devices. Whether it be academics, people from underprivileged backgrounds, or for a charity reception desk, by recycling your old appliances and offering them to charitable organisations, you could help towards a good cause. To conclude, selecting IT equipment disposal and taking action towards it will enable you to contribute towards a better society and improved environment while ensuring to clear all your data that may or may not be relevant.