Thinking to install solar panels in Bathurst? In recent times most of the house owners are showing interest in fixing solar panels in their house for various reasons. Some of the reasons for fixing solar panels are to reduce the electricity cost and also as an intention to produce green energy. Since solar panels will not produce any greenhouse gases so it will not harm the environment. 

Benefits of Solar panels in Bathurst

A solar photovoltaic system is installed on the roof of the house. Before installing check the size and number of panels needed for your personal use or requirement. Some of the things needed before installing the solar panel are given in this article.

Size of the panel: Decide the size of the panel based on the quantity of electricity needed for the personal usage and the time in which you need electricity. On average, a normal house needs 20 kWh of energy in one day so based on this 5 kW solar power will fulfil the need for energy in the day time.   

Number of panels needed: First decide the total solar power output before selecting the size or the number of panels. If the solar power panels actual output of power is high then you need only few power panels. Low-efficiency power panels are very cheap. So if you have a large empty space in the roof then buy low-efficiency low-cost panels. It saves your money at the same time you can get the required amount of solar energy. The average area of the panel is 1.6 but the length, nominal power, and the width vary.

Cost of the power panel: In Australia, the approximate cost of a 5 kW system panel is $5100. In coming days the cost of solar technology will reduce and in most of the houses and offices, they will start using solar power panel instead of grid electricity in the day time.

Money-Saving: Once you take the capital amount back the rest of the years you can save the whole money. It takes six to seven years to get back the capital amount of the solar power panels. It depends on the place and power consumption.

Incentives: SCTs (Small scale technology certificates) and FiTs (Feed-in Tariff) are the main incentives given to the users by the Australian government. These incentives help you to earn money or save from solar photovoltaic. There is a certain procedure to get a small scale technology certificate. The most important thing is to install the solar system with the help of the Clean Energy Council accredited installer.

Solar storage battery: For the night or rainy day one can use the power stored in the solar storage battery from the solar power panel. Using storage batteries are not economical for most of the houses.

Type of solar panels

Almost all the solar cells are made up of silicon. In technical aspects, mono or multi-crystalline are the two types of solar systems used in most of the house. While buying a solar panel consider the other aspects like cost, size, length, nominal output and warranty than the technical aspects.