cleaning polished timber floors

You want to use timber floor sand and polish to make your old, scratched, or worn-out timber floors seem better. I love that! To ensure you obtain the greatest results, you’ll need to hire a professional and skilled timber floor sander and experienced timber floor polisher.

Given the numerous allergens, stains, and pollutants that harm the beauty and cleanliness of your timber flooring, maintaining them in the best condition can be difficult. No matter how spotless and gleaming your windows and ceilings are, if your floors are dingy and unclean, everything falls apart.

Below are the benefits of cleaning polished timber floors:

Enhance hygiene and prevent accidents

Even while there is nothing wrong with routinely vacuuming or mopping your floors, a professional hardwood floor cleaning service knows the best ways to bring back the best features of your flooring.

Your hardwood, ceramic tiles, and carpeted floors may have stains or pet mishaps that we can remove using suitable green cleaning solutions. In order to increase the efficiency of our job, we also utilise a variety of floor cleaning equipment, such as motorised floor scrubbers and buffers.

There is virtually less chance of slipping and infectious diseases spreading when your floor is spotless and glossy. Similar to a clean carpet, a clean floor guarantees that the air inside your homes and workplaces is fresh and clean.

Deal with obstinate stains

Now that things are serious, it’s crucial to know what kind of timber floor you have in order to utilize the proper cleaning supplies.

When cleaning polished timber floors, you’ll generally need to use a specialized cleaner that is applied with a damp mop or cloth and then dried. Make sure to select a path that won’t trap you in a corner if you’re treating the entire floor to restore the finish. Start by scrubbing the floor’s borders. Then, start working your way back from the edge closest to the door.

Make sure to move with the grain if your floor is made up of long strips rather than intricate patterns to keep the best aesthetic appeal.

Make minor repairs

You might be able to fix minor damage, such as scratches or tiny dents, on your own. The kind of treatment relies on the type of coating or material used on your wooden floor. A matching wood filler could be able to heal a deeper indent.

However, it’s time to bring in the experts if the damage is too severe for you to fix on your own. Larger damaged sections can be repaired or your floor can be brought back to a showroom finish by a timber floor specialist utilising a sander and polisher.


The main advantages of having your cleaning polished timber floors 

sanded are the improvements in your home’s appearance and atmosphere. Rugs on wooden floors look better, furniture looks amazing, and the whole appearance of your house might be improved. That will undoubtedly have long-term advantages for you, your family, and your house.