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Come and become a part of our blogging community and start contributing from today itself!

We are proud to say that we have some of the best minds in the industry on our platform. They come and share their experience and thought leadership with our audience on a regular basis. They provide priceless insights from a B2B (business to business) perspective as well as a B2C (business to consumer) point of view. This is how they help us create an experience that is business to community in the truest sense of the words.

Editorial Guidelines

If you have decided to submit your blogs to, we request you to follow the below guidelines. 


  • Preferred kind of content: We would immediately approve informative articles, actionable content, case studies, list-style articles and articles that solve the reader’s questions. 
  • Submit your work: If you are submitting articles written and published by other writers, it will not be considered original. We will not publish such copied contents. We accept articles written by ghostwriters but it should be used only by you. 
  • Submit articles that remain valuable and useful to the readers: If partial or full content is found on other websites or near-duplicates or duplicates, we will not accept such contents. We only accept unique and high-quality content. If you do not post unique content, there are chances for your account to get deleted or flagged. 
  • Do not stuff keywords in the article: We recommend adding about 2 unique keywords per article. Do not write your articles for search engines. Draft your articles that remain useful to humans.
  • There should not be any advertisement content in the article. It means we do not accept article spamming, self-promotion, ad sales copy and press releases on our website. 
  • The article should be proofread and spell check for grammatical errors before submission: The article should not have bad grammar and spelling errors. We recommend using tools such as Grammarly to review and proofread your article. 
  • Article with the below-mentioned contents are not permitted to submit in our website: Articles should not be written about hacking, violence, hate, pornography, guns, alcohol, weapons, hunting, advocate against group or individual, replica products, illegal, sex toys, escort services, drugs, steroids, tobacco-related, religion, politics, etc. 
  • Do not post derivative content: We will not approve contents that have been rewritten in various versions. Article spinning is also not allowed. We would delete the account immediately. 
  • No links in summary or title allowed: We do not allow to add affiliate links in the article. We will allow only 1 do-follow link per post. You can add the keywords in the body part of the article for live backlinks to your website.
  • The article should be submitted only in the English language: The external links also should be English websites. We do not accept articles in any other language. 
  • The article should be added to the apt category: Select a category that suits your article. If you do not select any category, your article will be rejected. For example, if you are writing an article about cars, it should not be posted under the travel category. 
  • We do not accept located stuffed blogs: The anchor text should not have any location name. The article stuffed with location will not be approved. 



  • The title should be written in the title format. It means the first words of the title should be in capitals.
  • There should not be any HTML tags inserted in the title.
  • There should not be any author names, email addresses or URLs in the title.
  • The title should be attractive and striking.


  • Ensure to maintain at least 120 characters as a summary.
  • No author names, email addresses or URLs permitted in the summary.
  • The title should not be repeated in your summary.


  • The body part should be a minimum of 400 words. 
  • It should be formatted with paragraphs so that it will be simple to read. Ensure to make use of white space between paragraphs. 
  • You can give links to high authority websites if needed in the body part. 
  • No contact information, email address, and author names are allowed in the body part. 
  • Do not use words like check out, visit us or click here words in the content. 

Profile page:

  • You should not use your company name as your pen name. It should be a person. We recommend using your picture instead of a website or company logo.
  • Do not use the profile page for backlinking purposes. If we find, we will delete your account after some time. 
  • If your article does not have a profile page, it will be deleted. 

If you feel you can follow these guidelines while publishing on our website, you can send us your guest post blog. We will review and publish it as early as possible. 

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