Anti-slip tile treatment is the technique by which the top surface of the tiles is altered to create a non-slippery texture without damaging the surface areas.

The tiles become very slippery when they are wet it has a high potential risk of accidents and injury through slipping on them. The Anti-slip tile treatment aims at reducing such occurrence of accidents.

The anti-tile treatments do not wear down the top surface of the homes and place a microscopic texture upon the surface of the tile. The fine texture ensures that the tiles are durable tough and slip-resistant.

Anti-Tile Treatments Are Available For Surfaces Like: 

  • Concrete tiles
  • Marvel
  • Quarry tiles
  • Ceramic tiles
  • Porcelain tiles

What Makes The Tile Possess An Anti-Slip Feature? 

The anti-slip tile treatment involves several features. These are:

A natural texture- The tiles are provided with a rough texture so that suitable laces are created for the water to fall and the contact between the water and the floor is thus minimized and the grip is maximized.

Etched with acid- the tiles can be etched with acids to have a rougher texture for an even rip in the wet conditions.

Anti-tile slipping coat- the commercial-grade tile manufacturers provide anti-slip coatings for the tile floors to give it an anti-slip feature. It is one of the most effective and nominal anti-tile treatment.

Where Anti-Tile Treatments Should Be Done? 

Anti-slip tiles are necessary for areas where there is a possibility of water sweeping on the floors and making it slippery and prone to accidents.

The bathrooms, the swimming pool areas are most eligible for anti-slip tile treatment.

The kitchens need anti-slip tiles as liquids may be spilled often making it risky for the people working in the kitchen.

The commercial shop floors require anti-slip tile treatments as there are legal implications to make the shop floors as safe as possible.

Need effective anti-slip tile treatment the most as it frequently gets wet. The walls of the bathroom to have tiles and they should have good anti-tile properties especially the ones in commercial use. There are high chances of people slipping in the bathroom and having a fall.

What Makes The Anti-Slip Coating The Most Popular Choice? 

 The anti-slip tile properties have become one of the most popular ways of making the tiles in any residential or commercial property anti-slip resistant. There are various advantages associated with anti-slip treatment. These are:

  • The anti-slip coatings can be applied and reapplied when necessary
  • The anti-slip coating increases the efficiency of friction and safety.
  • It helps to greatly reduce accidental falls
  • It can be used on various kinds of tiles like proclaim, concrete, terrazzo, marble, mosaic, etc.
  • The anti-slip coating does not alter the appearance of the surface of the floor
  • The anti-slip coats are ready to use and can be instantly applied
  • The anti-slip coating can last longer if they are bright from a commercial-grade company
  • These coatings are quite safe on the human skin post application on the tiles.