We, humans, are fond of clothes for various reasons like comfort and style. The first task is to cover your body and then come other things like style. It has often been reported that clothes are almost like a second skin to protect and comfort your body. So it is important to keep your clothes neat and tidy. In this context, a wardrobe is nothing but a standing closet to store all your linens and clothes. It is almost like a separate enclosure or space with doors and drawers to store your clothes most hygienic. On the other hand, there have been new innovative ideas like custom-built wardrobes in Sydney. As the name suggests, these custom-built wardrobes are in general being created to your requirements. In Sydney, there have been growing demands for such innovative and user-friendly custom-built wardrobes. Here you can go through some interesting tidbits about the story of custom-built wardrobes as given below:

  • More than anything else, it is all about keeping your clothes spick and span. Neat clothes are not only good for your body but also stylish and appealing to others.
  •  The story of custom built wardrobes has been evolving a lot right from ancient times. 
  • Going by chronological order, it is understandable that various types of furniture have been used to create appropriate wardrobes all these years down the road.
  • For example, some time ago, both oak and walnut had largely been used for wardrobes. 
  • Quite interestingly, wardrobe designs and styles had been wide-ranging from sliding trays to elegant drawers.
  • As one more example, the tallboy had been used for storing clothes during the 18th century. It is to be noted that the so-called tallboy, highboy and lowboy are all nothing but wooden furniture with drawers and wardrobes to keep clothes neatly and safely.
  • That apart, it is nothing but a type of wardrobe used in ancient times. Kas is a huge wardrobe similar to the one popular in the Netherlands and the USA as early as the 17th and 18th centuries. Equipped with shelves and drawers and locked by key, as was used to store clothes, linens and other valuables.
  • As demands for wardrobes have been increasing by the day, the need for customising wardrobes has been growing strong on the other hand.
  • As a result, the concept of custom built wardrobes has come into effect nowadays.

Having talked about these interesting details, custom built wardrobes have been making  breakthroughs across the world.

Great Ideas, Features & Benefits Of Custom Built Wardrobes

In Sydney, the concept of custom built wardrobes has been inspiring numerous designers and homemakers alike. The following are a few more stunning features and benefits of the emerging custom built wardrobes:

  • Making use of valet bars: It is important to keep and hang your clothes in a tidy and neat manner. Sometimes you may have to take your dress away from the closet. You have to hang your shirt at times all in a hurried manner. Fixing a proper valet bar in your wardrobe will go a long way in the matter of keeping your task so simple. With this valet bar in your closet, you will be able to manage everything perfectly. You can hang your clothes on the valet bar deftly and more effectively.
  • The so-called fold-out ironing board: No doubt clothes ironed well can easily get attention from everyone around. But imagine a situation in which you are opening your closet only to find that the dress you are going to wear is wrinkled. A real shocker to you in the early morning. But there is a way out of this. In the closet area, keeping a fold-out ironing board on standby comes in handy for you at this point in time. You don’t have to take a risk here. All you can do is to just unfold the ironing board and start ironing your dress. Afterwards, the ironing board can fold back into your custom built wardrobe.  This extra feature will make your task so easy, taking away all the stress from you. Energised and feeling confident, you are now ready to step out of your home to face the day.
  • Going for tilt-out hampers: How about your laundry? By the way, you cannot hide or throw away your laundry as such. Then how you are going to secure your laundry is a question now. While customizing your wardrobe, ensure that an appropriate tilt-out hamper is attached to your closet area. As a result, you will be able to not only keep all your laundry in this hamper but also keep it out of sight. When it is time to do laundry, all you should do is to take away the basket of your hamper.
  • Separate rack for belt and tie: If you are someone who often wears numerous ties and belts, you should rethink your strategies. First off, ensure that you do not create a situation in which you are scrambling a lot to reach out to your tie and belt each time you are going out. You can simply use a belt and tie racks to your closet. This well-organised rack will not only add a dash of luxury to your custom built wardrobe but also help you grab the tie and belt you  want to wear. Just feel the difference!
  • Making space for your shoes: If yours is a big family, you may find a particular corner full of shoes. But these piles of shoes will only add an ugly look to your atmosphere. In this context, arranging cubbies will go a long way. Cubbies are nothing but exclusive enclosed storage facilities. Cubbies can keep all your footwear like flip-flops, sandals and sneakers on all those shelves in an organised way.
  • As simple as hooks: Provision of hooks will make a lot of space in your custom built wardrobe. Sometimes holding up all your things like dress neatly will make a big difference. You can hold everything like clothes, bags and hats on hooks in an orderly manner.

These are all simple yet striking ideas to make the most of your custom built wardrobe.

A Boon To Your Lifestyle

On the whole, the provision of custom built wardrobes is a boon to your life as they make everything simple for you from getting ready to dress up. Such stylish custom built wardrobes have won the hearts and minds of many homemakers in Sydney.