Long Lasting Anti Slip Paint

These days, the majority of the industrial facilities install anti-skid flooring on the premises to ensure safety. But apart from being slip-resistant, the anti-slip paint floor coatings also serve some other purposes like making the floor glossy and easy to clean.

But before you choose an anti-slip paint for your property, it is better to know about this paint and how it works. Also known as non-slip paint, non-slip coating, and anti-slip coating, these paints are one of the treatments that are usually used to make the surfaces safe for pedestrians, vehicles, and workers. These paints mainly work by offering a rougher surface on the slippery substrates.

Loads of accidents happen regularly at residential or commercial properties because of falling or slipping. The usual problem areas include bathrooms, stairs, steps, hallways, etc. The roughness offered by these paints prevents slip by offering more grips. Therefore, it is possible to reduce the accidents caused by tripping and slipping with the application of this paint. This is the reason why the use of anti-slip paint has become quite common in commercial and public places along with residential properties.

 How Does The Anti-Slip Coating Work?

The majority of the anti-slip coatings work by converting the smooth concrete flooring into bumpier surfaces. Even though coating the flooring with polyurethane or epoxy can make the floor grippy, there are some non-skid coatings where a high level of traction is necessary. The bumpy effects of these coatings are obtained from the use of some small particles in the paint. Apart from that, it is also possible to get the bumps through the use of some thick products that create nappy textures while being rolled on.

These bumps then create a sand-like finer texture, a rough and rigid texture, or a ribbed but rubbery texture. Based on the need for whether you just need a high grippe concrete texture or if you are concerned about the smoothness or effectiveness of your existing flooring, you can choose from different types of textured floor coatings. Additionally, the non-skid additives used. This type of flooring can be glass particles, aluminum particles, ground rubber, sand, or some other materials. These are then suspended in the resins like alkyd, epoxy, or polyurethane. Overall, the anti-slip paint offers an aesthetically rich finish to the concrete flooring in a complete range of shades while meeting both the safety and health requirements of the users.

Benefits that the anti-slip paints offer:

  •  coatings offer excellent water repelled
  • paints are resistant to the UV radiations
  • It is resistant to alkali, acids, and different types of corrosive chemicals.
  • available in different types of desired shades.
  • can be applied quite easily by roller and other common spray techniques.
  • These paints can easily be applied to both metal and concrete surfaces.
  • These are also quite fast and convenient.
  • These paints can save both time and manpower.
  • These paints can easily be repaired and rectified if any problem arises.