shipping by dunnage

Dunnage is a durable padding substance used for the safety of goods during shipping. Dunnage may be anything from bubble wrap and peanut packaging to solid industrial plastics that provide cushioning so that things remain in place.

 The role of Dunnage is to prevent damage to goods while being loaded, shipped, and unloaded. It prevents objects from moving around while in transit, irrespective of whether shipping through dunnage is by train, road, or sea. Dunnage airbags offer exceptional value and are more affordable than customized products. They can withstand a maximum of three pounds per square inch of pressure and come equipped with an integrated inflation system. These are also fully recyclable, making them an environmentally friendly alternative to other products and empty fillers. Here are some of the significant benefits of shipping by dunnage.

Protection Of Goods

In general, dunnage also protects products and packaging against corrosion and moisture. By protecting freight from damage, dunnage helps to improve customer relations and facilitates the loading of fragile cargo. Many forms of dunnage, like dunnage containers, are reusable and recyclable, making it safe and environmentally friendly. Dunnage carries cargo loads, secures items in place, removes vibrations, and avoids any voids between shipping containers and vehicles.

Prevents Moisture Of Sensitive Shipments

Dunnage plays different roles in a variety of different ways. Floor dunnage is used on cargo ships to protect moisture-sensitive shipments from the sweat that forms on the ship floors. It works by holding the cargo above the deck, allowing the moisture to flow below it without causing any damage. Double layers or crisscrossed dunnage protects particularly delicate cargo.

Dunnage is also frequently used in containers for shipping. These vessels have a water-resistant design so that they do not have drainage holes to release water. This means that any sweat that forms inside the containers has no draining, so it is essential to use the floor and side dunnage to protect the cargo. Shipping by dunnage also absorbs the condensation formed in the tops of the shipping containers. Paper and other absorbent materials usually adhere to container ceilings for this purpose. Plastic tarps may also be suspended below the container ceiling to capture evaporated moisture and prevent it from dripping onto the cargo below.

Essential Packaging

Dunnage is a small but vital part of the packaging. It comes in different forms used to protect practically all cargo types during loading, shipping, and unloading. It can be made of several different materials and serves different purposes in the logistics industry. Dunnage is incredibly helpful when transporting cargo by sea, rail, and road from filling empty spaces and preventing shipments from moving while in transit to protecting sensitive cargo from moisture and securing loads in place.

You should understand how vital bags are to ensure product protection during transport. You can also obtain custom-sized bags using either kraft paper or woven polypropylene. These bags are incredibly affordable and offer excellent value to anyone involved in the logistics industry. 

Depending on the type of products you ship, a variety of shipping options can help you ship the products so that they reach customers without being damaged. With the right dunnage, you can prevent customers from returning because no one wants a damaged product.