Digital printing is countless for short runs or high colour count projects. Digital printed stand-up or flexible pouches look just like plate printed pouches. Digital printed flat lay pouches are also available in the current market.

Digital printing pouches enables personalised packaging to a specific audience so that every pack look is unique. This means the same packaging can be used for different products and the actual print. So that savings can be made where different artworks are used on the same production run. Let’s look at the benefits of using a digitally printed pouch.

Digital printing does not use toxic chemicals:

Conventional printing requires plenty of chemicals, from those used in the inks to the chemical solvents needed for cleaning and maintenance. But digital printing pouches use water-based, soluble ink, eliminating toxic and damaging chemicals to the environment and the surrounding.

Speedy turnaround time:

Today’s business professionals have higher opportunities than ever when it comes to delivery speed. Earlier, when packaging, customers would place a large, costly order and be willing to wait for weeks to receive their printed product. Because there is reduced tooling involved and the number of manual prepress procedures is greatly decreased, digitally printed packaging approaches an expedited production process that delights business owners with its speed.

Super colour accuracy:

Digital printing pouches can match up to 97% of the Pantone colour spectrum and permit you to easily adjust colours and their properties so that your final packaging reflect your vision. Printing a short run of your product packaging allows you to test and refine your design and colour scheme easily.

Increased brand protection:

In a globe of counterfeit products, companies are increasingly seeking ways to safeguard the integrity of their products, and consumers want to avoid a fake. Digital printing pouches helps protect your brand by making it challenging to replicate certain packaging design features. Digital printing inks can produce marks or micro text virtually impossible to copy.

Outstanding quality:

Increased automation is one of the trademarks of digital printing pouches. Once you establish your order and your design is uploaded, your packaging may pass through a series of automated steps that help assure the quality of your packaging. There is little opportunity for human error to impact your artwork, fostering design continuity across your packaging.


While digital printing still needs ink and chemicals, the impact on the environment is significantly reduced because the need for pre-press procedures is excluded. Additionally, digital printing reduces the amount of packaging that is planned but never used.

Greater flexibility:

In contrast to traditional printing methods, digital printing can be easily applied to rigid and flexible media. Digital printing capabilities extend beyond flat cardboard boxes to apply to wood, rigid plastic, cotton, and metal. Digital printing pouches can also be used with clear films, often used to package fruits and other foods.   

Bottom line:

You all know that, in the modern world, everything is moderated. Digital printing plays a prominent role in all fields, including pouches. The above mentioned are some of the benefits of digital printing in packaging.