3m vhb tape

Dual side adhesive tapes offer wide usability. These are industrial graded products and offer quality strength and bonding. So, if you are using 3m VHB Tape for the very first time, then you need to get familiar with its proper usage.

Why follow strict guidelines, when using?

Tapes are used to bond one surface to the other. The real bond can only be developed if you are aware of using it perfectly. VHB tapes are a type of adhesive tapes that has two adhesive sides. This property places the tapes under the heavy-duty category.

Following strict guidelines, when using, will ensure that the tape will last for a longer time and offer perfect bonding.

Aesthetic features unique to these tapes

When speaking of aesthetic features, there are properties that make this the best material for packing and industrial use.

  • Industrial grade 3m VHB tape is made up of quality material that is durable and may last for many years.
  • Manufacturers guarantee the quality of adhesive material used to bond two surfaces together.
  • It can be used on multiple surface types.
  • It is designed to withstand harsh conditions.

Common usage

As these tapes are highly marked for its quality so it is certain that they are widely used within the packing industry. Apart from this, you may also find these tapes widely used within electronic devices and equipment to bond different components together.

The tapes are generally used a single time and offer an everlasting bond between two types of surfaces. You may find then widely used inside speakers, headphones and many other electronic devices.

How to achieve that perfect bond?

The moment you need to ensure that the 3m VHB tape offers with everlasting bond, you have to follow strict guidelines stated by the manufacturers.

  1. Clean surface– Most adhesive tapes will only stick to the surface if it is dust and moisture-free. So before you stick this tape you have to ensure that both surfaces are clean and dust-free. To make the bonding more effective use a good quality cleansing solvent like alcohol.
  2. Dry the surface– Once the surface has been cleaned using alcohol it is important to ensure that no traces of solvent are left on the surface. You can dry the surface using a normal hairdryer. Also before application, ensure the surface has been wiped using dry cotton cloth or vibe.
  3. Micro-abrasion– Abrasion is one of the ways to ensure that the gripping surface has a greater surface area. Micro-abrasion is one of the most applied techniques. You just have to ensure that the surface is flat and clear from coated material.
  4. Maintain perfect surface– It is also better to check the quality of the surfaces that have to be bonded together using 3m VHB tape. The surface should not be very smooth and moist. The tape works best if the surfaces are rough and porous.

Apart from all the above-mentioned factors the texture of the surface also plays a major role in offering quality and long-lasting bonding.