People think of Bathroom renovations is as synonymous to a calamity. However, if you choose a trustworthy, reliable and professional bathroom renovations Surry Hills‌‌ service, your bathroom adaptation can be a very pleasant and enjoyable experience.

Choosing bathroom elements can actually be fun. Today, the market offer of basins, toilets, showers, bathtubs, and bidets is very rich. Furthermore, bathroom shelves and cabinets have never been more aesthetically pleasing. There are amazing, affordable accessories that will change the atmosphere in your bathroom in no time.

However, you should follow some bathroom experts’ and interior designers’ advice and recommendations when choosing your bathroom elements. Let’s take a look at some rules and tips.

Basic elements of each bathroom


The choice is only yours. If you have enough space in your bathroom to accommodate a bathtub instead of a shower cabin, you can choose between a typical lying or hydromassage bathtub. Space is another important factor. Also, your bathroom renovations Surry Hills‌‌ specialists will assess the options for setting up these elements.

Classic lying bathtubs usually come in standard dimensions measuring from 150×170 to 200x80cm. These can be vintage-style or embedded. Hydromassage tubs are the perfect choice for you if you enjoy using water jets or your own mini spa center. However, re-think this option as the price is significantly higher. How often will you use these features? If you believe it will pay off, afford this tiny hedonistic pleasure without a doubt.

Shower cabin

Shower cabins are much more space-efficient, compact and affordable solutions than bathtubs. They can be square or semi-circular. Their dimensions usually vary from 70×70 to 160×100. Alike the horizontal tubs, showers can also be wall-fitted, with or without the cabin. In this variant, a hydro-massage pole can be installed on the wall itself. Furthermore, there are many different types of shower curtains of exceptional quality and modern design that can enrich the visual identity of your bathroom.


The toilet element is rather standard, an ordinary piece of sanitary ware. It is very important to choose a high-quality toilet. You can opt for a dual flush system. If you wish, you can accompany it with a urinal and a bidet. The bidet is usually placed next to the toilet. When installing this element, it is important to provide enough space between the toilet and the bidet element (minimum 30 inches).


Basins can add an extra touch of elegance if you choose a non-standard model. There are very aesthetic forms with integrated shelves, built-in, free-standing and overhang models. If you choose half-timbered furniture, make sure to ask for additional layers, i.e. superstructures to be placed over the panel of your furniture.

Water boiler

One of the most important elements of a bathroom is a boiler. You can choose between classic and flow boilers. Flow boilers have significant advantages such as smaller dimensions and the unlimited amount of hot water. However, make sure that your flow boiler has a special electrical power supply.