enerpac industrial tools

In heavy industry and construction, where precision and power are paramount, Enerpac Industrial Tools has earned a reputation for excellence. With a history dating back to the early 20th century, Enerpac has evolved into a global leader in high-pressure hydraulic tools and solutions. This informative blog delves into the world of Enerpac Industrial Tools, exploring their history, their range of products, and the industries they serve.

The Legacy of Enerpac

Enerpac’s journey began in 1910 when it was founded as the Hydraulic Press Manufacturing Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Over the decades, the company expanded its product offerings and acquired various businesses, solidifying its position in the hydraulic tools and systems industry.

In 1919, Enerpac introduced its first hydraulic press, marking the beginning of its legacy in hydraulic tool innovation. Since then, the company has continued to pioneer advancements in hydraulic technology, setting industry standards.

Enerpac Industrial Tools: A Diverse Range

Enerpac’s commitment to innovation and excellence is evident in its extensive range of industrial tools and solutions. Here are some of the key categories of Enerpac’s offerings:

Hydraulic Cylinders

Enerpac’s hydraulic cylinders are known for their durability and precision. They are available in various configurations, including single-acting and double-acting cylinders, telescopic cylinders, and hollow plunger cylinders. These cylinders find applications in industries ranging from construction to manufacturing and infrastructure development.

Hydraulic Pumps

Enerpac offers various hydraulic pumps, including electric, manual, and air-driven options. These pumps provide high-pressure hydraulic power for various applications, such as lifting, bending, and pressing. The advanced design and reliability of Enerpac pumps make them indispensable in industries like shipbuilding and steel fabrication.

Bolting Tools

Enerpac’s bolting tools are designed for precision and safety. They include hydraulic torque wrenches, tensioners, and nut splitters, enabling controlled and efficient bolting in industries such as oil and gas, mining, and power generation.

Cutting and Crimping Tools

Enerpac’s cutting and crimping tools are essential in applications where accuracy and reliability are critical. These tools are commonly used to maintain and repair pipelines, cables, and electrical systems.

Synchronous Lifting Systems

Enerpac’s synchronous lifting systems enable the safe and precise lifting of heavy loads. These systems are often used in heavy construction, infrastructure projects, and equipment maintenance.

Integrated Solutions

Enerpac provides customised integrated solutions for complex projects, including hydraulic gantries, strand jacks, and lifting systems tailored to specific requirements. These solutions have played a pivotal role in the success of mega-projects worldwide.

Industries Served by Enerpac

Enerpac’s industrial tools find applications across diverse industries where precision and power are paramount. Some of the key industries served by Enerpac include:


Enerpac’s hydraulic tools in the construction industry are indispensable for lifting heavy structures, positioning precast concrete elements, and stabilising foundations. Their reliability and precision contribute to the safety and efficiency of construction projects worldwide.

Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry relies on Enerpac’s bolting tools to assemble and maintain critical equipment. Hydraulic torque wrenches and tensioners ensure secure connections in demanding environments where safety is paramount.


In the mining sector, where heavy machinery and equipment operate in challenging conditions, Enerpac’s hydraulic solutions are used to maintain, repair, and safely move components. These tools contribute to reduced downtime and increased productivity in mining operations.

Power Generation

Enerpac plays a vital role in the power generation industry by providing hydraulic tools for turbine maintenance, generator assembly, and precision alignment of components. These tools ensure the reliable operation of power plants.

Infrastructure Development

Enerpac’s synchronous lifting systems and integrated solutions are instrumental in infrastructure development projects such as bridge construction, tunnelling, and building maintenance. These tools enable the precise handling of heavy loads and structures.


In the manufacturing sector, Enerpac’s hydraulic cylinders, pumps, and bolting tools are used for various applications, including metal forming, stamping, and assembly. These tools enhance the efficiency and quality of manufacturing processes.

Innovation and Safety

Enerpac’s commitment to innovation goes hand in hand with its dedication to safety. The company strongly emphasises the design and manufacturing of tools that prioritise operator safety. Enerpac’s hydraulic tools are engineered to provide precise control and minimise the risk of accidents, even in high-pressure applications.

Furthermore, Enerpac actively engages in research and development to introduce new technologies that enhance the performance and safety of its tools. This commitment to innovation and safety has earned Enerpac a trusted reputation among professionals in various industries.


Enerpac’s hydraulic tools play a pivotal role in ensuring the efficiency, safety, and success of diverse projects and operations, from construction sites and power plants to oil rigs and manufacturing facilities. Enerpac remains at the forefront as industries continue to evolve, driving innovation and setting the standard for hydraulic tool excellence.