registered office address

The documented address recorded by the government as the official address of the so-called company is the proper definition of a registered office address. The registrar of companies maintains the register of the company and its registered address where all the letters, notices and other important correspondence by the government departments, banks, investors and the public is sent.

Earlier the promoters of a company needed to declare the company’s registered office at the time of registration of the company. With a recent amendment having constitutional reform, a new company may be incorporated with a registered address or on a postal address.

Verification should be done from government authority within 30 days of the registration for this purpose; the company has to file a verification form along with evidence of the registered office address of the company. The intimidation is filed with the prescribed fee which depends on the authorized capital of the company. To make a change in address, different types of approaches are considered. If the shift is from one city to another, it is quite easy. But changing the state will bring a little number of complexities. It will incorporate further visiting the government agency and request them to arrange for a redressal.

A building under construction or vacant land cannot be declared as the registered office of a company. However, the registered office doesn’t need to be a commercial or industrial property. A residential property can also be a registered office of the company.

Some important valid documents should be kept in hand as evidence proof before the initiation of the registration process under the government:-

  • There should be a well documented and revised format regarding the official name of the company in a proper way.
  • The notarized copy of lease or rent agreement in the same in the name of the company with a copy of rent paid receipt not older than one month should be present.
  • It is mandatory to show the proof of the authorization of the owner premises along with proof of ownership or occupancy authorization to use the premises by the company as its registered office.
  • The name and address mentioned on the water bill, electricity bill and property tax receipt should exactly match with the no-objection certificate from the landlord and the rental agreement. These bills should not be two months older.

The registered office address is thus a valuable part of the newly built organization. They are so designed that the owner has to abide by the law. It may be stated that the address holds the social status of the company in the market. Hence for making a good reputation, it is essential to be well aware of all the important instructions and constitutional provisions for the overall growth of the company. Otherwise, legal action may be taken against the owner of the alleged company. He may also be put to trial in the court.

Conclusion:- Registered office address is a must to get a government document. Every company must have their registration address. These are legal matters and taking assistance from a registered office address service provider is always recommended.