7 Most Common Truck Problems

Trucks are subject to a tremendous amount of wear and tear and are prone to breakdowns. Finding the right spare parts can be a challenge even in the middle of a big city, let alone if the breakdown occurs on a remote highway.

Regardless of the cause of the failure, the costs of towing, repairs, and downtime can soon add up. It’s also aggravating for the drivers, who must rearrange their schedules while dealing with a broken-down truck. Your truck can function well for years if you keep up with regular maintenance and annual inspections.

In this article, below are the mentioned top Most 7 Common Truck Problems which a professional mechanic can fix with high-quality truck spare parts

Engine Overheating

One of the most common causes of a breakdown or service interruption is overheating. This could be related to fuel consumption and result in engine failure. 

An overheating engine can result in a slew of adverse effects for both drivers and operators. A blown gasket or an issue with the gasoline tank, coolant pump or lubricating oil pump could be the source of the problem. Regardless, if the problem is not addressed, it might lead to engine failure over time. To analyse and handle indicators of overheating in your truck, you’ll need to work with a maintenance professional.

Wheel Bearings

Wheel bearings are designed to let wheels rotate with as little friction as possible. The bearings may eventually fail, indicated by a grinding or squeaking sound coming from the wheel well while driving. 

Another symptom could be shaky road movements or jerking of the truck. If these symptoms arise, have the wheel bearings checked for problems. 

When a wheel bearing fails, it prevents the wheel from moving freely, putting more strain on the hub, CV joint, axle, and other drivetrain components. If the bearing is severely damaged, the wheel may completely lock up. 

Starter Failure

Starter failures appear to be an issue in colder temperatures. It’s critical to have the starter function checked before the winter season. When starter failure is detected early, it is simple to repair. 

However, in some instances, the issue is with the starter parts, such as worn brushes, broken armatures, or coil windings that cause an excessive current draw, or magnets rubbing against other parts, causing increased internal friction. 

The starter may crank the engine slowly, noisily, or not at all due to this. In many cases, the issue is caused by a loose or corroded battery connection or a damaged battery, which can be resolved by replacing the affected component.


Tire-related issues are responsible for more than half of all roadside breakdowns. The tyres are under-inflated in many of these cases, causing the tyre to warp and heat up. When a tyre becomes overheated, the rubber begins to break down and finally cracks or even explodes due to the air pressure inside the tyre. 

Uneven tyre tread wear can be caused by a misaligned or damaged suspension, resulting in poor ride quality and a greater chance of flats.

Tires are prone to damage from the road itself, in addition to tyre pressure and tread wear. Once the treads wear out, the tyres will need to be replaced.

Failure Of A U-Joint

U-joints are required for power to be delivered from the transmission to the differential. It is critical to keep the U-joints lubricated to reduce component wear and strain. A driver may hear a clicking sound when a U-joint is going to fail. 

Another symptom of possible U-joint failure is the vehicle’s tendency to vibrate at higher speeds. Both of these indicators point to a critical part failure on the horizon. The U-joint must be changed as soon as possible.

Brakes Failure

The braking system is the most typical repair on a truck. Modern vehicles’ braking systems are more susceptible to fluid or air leaks due to cargoes putting tremendous pressure on the brakes. Corrosion and contamination from dirt or moisture can also cause brake components to wear out or malfunction more quickly. These can eventually lead to complete brake failure if not appropriately addressed.

A faulty brake is one of the last things a driver wants to think about while driving; therefore, routine maintenance and inspection are essential. Even while many spare parts are designed to wear out over time, good maintenance and driving habits can help them last longer.

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