enclosed luggage trailer

Going on a holiday and looking for a solution to carry your luggage along?  This is where luggage trailers can come to your rescue.  It can be tricky to strap on your luggage to your vehicle especially when it is heavy and tends to cause accidental mishaps along the way.  This article gives you good tips on strapping your luggage to a trailer. 

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6 Tips While Carrying Trailers On Trip

1. Do not overload:

Luggage should be loaded properly onto the trailer. Avoid overloading the enclosed Luggage trailers as the centre of gravity of heavy loads tend to topple it causing dangerous situations on the road.  In addition to this, you will also be stopped along the way and charged a hefty fine for violating road safety rules.  The heavier the luggage, the finer you will have to pay.

2.Strap on the luggage security to the trailer:

Luggage cannot be simply placed on a trailer. It needs to be strapped on and secured properly.  This prevents the luggage from shifting, sliding, and moving when driving a vehicle.  Avoid leaving aside any loose luggage as it might cost a life.

3. Place the luggage evenly on the trailer:

Luggage which is piled up all in one place on the trailer is a bad way of doing it.  Make sure that you distribute the luggage evenly on the bearing surface of the trailer. Keep your luggage organized by placing the heavier ones at the bottom and the lighter ones towards the top.  When the weight is evenly distributed, the brakes of your vehicle function effectively and prevent skidding.

4. Ensure that your luggage is placed at the centre of gravity of the luggage trailer in Sydney.

  • Trailer manufacturers in Sydney design them in specific dimensions for various purposes.  Choose one that meets the specifications of your luggage.
  • Place the heavy luggage above the axle and not near the edges of the bearing surface.
  • If you are placing them along the edges of the bearing surface, then it needs to be evenly replaced on all the four sides.
  • The trailer needs to be attached to the vehicle before loading the luggage to it.

5.Position of the ball trust:

Enclosed Luggage trailers come with ball trusts and attention needs to be paid to this as well.  It should not be too low nor too high in order to avoid your luggage and trailer from swaying end to end. If you have no idea of the ball trust value, then you can check it out on the trailer plate.

6.Hitching the luggage trailer to the vehicle:

Hitching the luggage trailer to the vehicle is the hardest part as everything needs to be done accurately.  The coupling on the trailer needs to be fixed exactly into place and locked. Once the trailer coupling falls into place, it can be heard and felt by the person doing it. When this is done the trailer bar ball cannot be seen and this indicates that it is firmly in place.